Colton Jacobson Tremendously Talented Texas Teen

Colton JacobsonSetting aside special time each week just to listen to new young vocalists is one of my favorite things to do.  While I receive many requests via YouTube and e-mail to check out various talented singers, what thrills me even more is when I accidentally stumble upon a talent that jumps out of obscurity and hits me square in the face.

Such was the case with fourteen year old Colton Jacobson.

Heralding from Frisco, Texas Colton Jacobson is a young musical prodigy with a big voice and with music seemingly running through his veins.

I sat in awe as I watched and listened to each of his YouTube videos that included covers by Adel, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Beyoncé.  Often I will skip off to a new channel after one or two videos, but Colton stopped me dead in my tracks.  I could not leave until I heard every one of his covers.

While every video was more than enjoyable, Colton’s cover of “Fireworks” by Katy Perry and Adel’s “Set Fire To The Rain” were for me the most impressive.  His A capella portion in “Set Fire To The Rain” allowed me to really note how pitch perfect he could be.  Stepping away from his piano accompaniment for just those few bars more than captured my attention and drew me in.  It was then and there that I had to discover more about this tremendously talented Texas teen.

Colton Jacobson Music Video

Colton currently resides in Frisco, Texas where he has lived since he was four years old. Born just 15 miles north in a small town of just a little more than 5,000 people called Celina, which is in the heart of Collin and Denton County, Texas.

Unlike most artists, Colton did not express any interest in music until he was in 4th grade.  His dad recalled;

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Daniel Shaw Australia’s Busy Busker

Daniel Shaw in Melborne Early 2011

Daniel Shaw is quickly becoming known in Australia for being one of the busiest buskers’s in the country!  However, this past summer, Daniel has taken his talent worldwide on a Sizzling Summer Spectacular Tour.

Even before I introduce Daniel on this site last June, I had been following his career.  Daniel continues to amaze everyone with his new original songs and extremely well produced and creative videos.

Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw


Only now have things settled down long enough to bring you an update about Daniel’s amazing International Summer Tour.  This amazing adventure covered thousands of miles with Daniel performing and amassing many new fans in far reaching places. Traveling from his native Australia, to New Zealand, the US, Canada, then onward to Europe and back, Daniel demonstrated that he is more than just an Australian Busker but an International one.

This past week I asked Daniel to share some of the highlights of his tour with us. He graciously supplied me with the following.



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