Sam Verlinden Cool and Refreshing!

Santa Coca Cola
What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Coca Cola?  Most would say; cool & refreshing.  These same two words will define what you will hear when Sam Verlinden uses his vocal skills as one of the showcasing musical talents on December 12 in Auckland.
Sam will be performing twice during this televised concert, that will once again bring the very best New Zealand has to offer to the stage.  Sam will be second to grace the stage that evening.  Along with the help of 3 other young men, Sam is scheduled to sing a Jackson Five version of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”.
This was Sam’s third audition to perform in what is one of New Zealand’s most prestigious concert events.  This year he so impressed the producer, that he clenched his much longed for spot along side of many other outstanding performers.  Sam has shown much growth each year in his singing ability.  He has gone past just singing a song to making it his own.  While the strong musical influences still shine through is song choices, Sam has begun to turn a corner on a career that is getting ready to launch him into a whole new realm in the music industry!
Sam’s second performance will be at the conclusion of the concert.  This years finally pays tribute to one of Sam’s greatest influences of all Michael Jackson.

If you live in the Auckland area, your going to want to make your reservations early.  If you need a summer vacation from the middle of a cold winter in the US, then plan to vacation in Auckland this December 12th.  Tell Sam, Rivenmaster sent you!


Coca Cola Christmas Features: “Sensational Sam”

Christmas in the Park program

This year on December 12th, Auckland’s Coca Cola Christmas in the Park, has once again lined up some of the best talent New Zealand has to offer!  But you can be assured, this blogger has his eyes focused on just one young talent who continues to impress time and again.

Sam Verlinden

has landed a spot once again as one of the great talents who will be performing on that memorable evening.

When asked about his being chosen again for this year’s Concert, Sam replied,“I feel very lucky as it’s most young singers dream to perform at Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park.”

Sam your too modest! You deserve to be there every year, as your ability to sing and perform just keeps getting better with each year that passes. 

While Sam is considered not quite a teen due to his just turning 12 years of age this month, his last stage director said; “Sam is more mature than most of his adult counterparts!

Yes this year will be a fantastic line up with the likes of:      

  • Midnight Youth
  • Frankie Stevens
  • The Lady Killers
  • Dane Rumble
  • Drew Neemia
  • Vince Harder
  • Phil Madson
  • Ainslie Allen
  • Funky Monkeys
  • Eve
  • Surf Lifesaving Ambassadors
  • Petra Bagust
  • John Cambell
  • Lisa Crawley
  • Roz Turnbull
  • Ashley Cooper & Mike Tipping
  • Barry Southgate
  • Ben Kara
  • Jessica Graham
  • Laura O’Sullivan
  • Anna Wilson
  • Louisa Collier
  • Massad Barakat-Devine
  • Andrew Papas
  • Nerida Cortese
  • ReQuest Hip Hop Crew
  • Diamond Entertainment
  • Kids Crew

All these and more surprises to make one of the best evenings Auckland has to offer.
Don’t miss this outstanding time of music and fun in the park.
For more information see the following site.