Spencer Kane Indiana’s New Idol in the Making!

Spencer Kane Profile

Spencer Kane

Thanks to my many Facebook friends, I am often led to talent that I might have overlooked if it were not for their referrals.  Such was the case of fifteen year old Spencer Kane.  Once in contact with Spencer’s family, I realized I had also missed my good friend Tommy’s article on Stars2come which I now have happily read.

Spencer was born in South Bend, Indiana, but spent the first Seven years of his life living in Ocala, Florida where his family had relocated due to a job change. During Spencer’s forming years his family was actively involved in a church filled with high-energy modern Christian worship music. This musical influence filtered over in their daily lives with some form of contemporary Christian music always being played in their home. At a very young age Spencer quickly showed signs of musical interest and ability.  His parents recall observing him as early as two year’s old, singing along to the cd in the car and be-bopping in his seat.

Spencer KaneSpencer’s participation in the children’s choir at church also provided an outlet for him to share his musical gift. At the age of just five, his family produced his first music video. (which has yet to be seen by the public)  I did find out that the video consisted of Spencer lip synching to a Christian boy band song combined with video shots of him playing basketball and singing to the song while dancing. His family feels that this little home video was the springboard that laid the foundation for Spencer’s love for music and performing.

He has always had a passion for hip-hop music and he became a big fan of TobyMac in the early 2000’s.  This influence perhaps was the driving force that inspired him to write his first “hip-hop” song at the age of Ten.  The song is titled “Do Ya”, a children’s song with a lively hip-hop beat and a message about listening to your parents and following Jesus……

By the time he was twelve he had assembled and written lyrics to about a dozen songs. One in particular was about seeing a girl with her friends and wanting to be her “best friend”.  His parents downloaded some music tracks from a site and attempted to record an original using a pre-made song, but Spencer never liked the “vibe” of the song.

At age 13, Spencer’s county was hosting an IDOL competition and his dad challenged him to audition with him for the contest. Spencer took his dad up on the challenge and they both auditioned that year. Spencer ended up with veteran judges who had been in and around the music industry all their lives. They remarked how strong Spencer’s vocals were for a youngster his age. Of course both his parents were delighted to hear these wonderful accolades about their son but hearing it from qualified music judges only solidified their feelings they had always harbored concerning Spencer’s talent.  As the contest progressed, Spencer advanced by qualifying round after round until reaching the finals where he won Second Place in the Sixteen and under division.

Spencer Kane Noble County Idol Actual performance with judge’s comments!

If the truth be known, Spencer has spent most of his youth as a dedicated athlete in basketball (since age 4) and baseball (since age 7), his whole families path has been to prepare him for college and getting a scholarship. They have invested a lot of time and resources in having him on travel AAU teams. Over the past 4 yrs Spencer has spent an average of about 200+ days a year traveling to practice, games, tournaments, and training for his sports.  Something that aids his athleticism, especially for basketball, is the fact that he is already quite tall for his age standing at nearly 6 feet. He comes from a long line of tall individuals in his family and every indication points to the fact that he will continue to grow in stature. That being said, music has actually been a hobby behind sports until this past year when he and his family elected to take it more seriously.

In the spring of last year Spencer suffered an injury that prevented him from playing for the first time in his life. His parents took that opportunity to remind him that while sports is a wonderful talent and tool to get a higher education and possible career, at the same time he would  always be one injury away from not being able to perform at the level it takes to make that goal.   They also advised him to pay attention to all the talents he was blessed with and that God desires all of us to maximize our abilities in life.

Spencer Kane Knowing videoSpencer’s Latest Music Video for “KNOWING”

This may have been a turning point in Spencer’s focus on what he first believed was only a hobby he now takes very serious and that proof is in his latest music video and original song called “Knowing”!

His parents shared with me that Spencer can hear a new song ONE TIME and know the lyrics and tune like he’s heard it a 100 times. “It’s bizarre”; they said;

 “He has a STRONG connection with music that we find to be a clear indication that this is something he will be connected with for the rest of his life.”

Spencer has been on a fast track since the release of his first single called “Best Friends” back in July.  All young artists quickly learn that putting together a professional music video takes both time and work.  To be serious about your music also makes you serious about the type of production you do and the end results of that masterpiece. It’s clear to me, that outside of his laid back friendly fan updates he has on his YouTube Channel, Spencer Kane creates serious music which is not only tastefully done , but shines as a polished product that any professional artist can be proud of.  With help from SWEETWATER STUDIOS in Fort Wayne, and Day Six Studios, his first music video was created. This video has not only been successful with over 11,500 views to date, but has a catchy tune and beat that will stick in your head after listening to it only one time.

Since the debut of this video he has released a REMIX VERSION which is on his YouTube Channel. Truly this young man is on his way to a great career!

 Spencer Kane Best FriendsSpencer’s Music Video for “Best Friends”

In addition to his great smile, charismatic personality, and positively sound vocals, Spencer is also skilled on the piano and keyboard and can keep a mean beat on the drums.  He also plays an active part in his creations by writing the lyrics and working on the instrumentation for his backing tracks.

Spencer is acquiring an ever growing fan base from all around the world through Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation and YouTube.  With his latest work previously mentioned, the sky is the limit for Spencer and things can only become more exciting in the near future!

Spencer Kane TieOf course along with fame and success come the haters.  Spencer has been no island when it comes to the type of bullying that seems to be running rampant among our young people today.  Any teen age boy who especially attempts to showcase his musical talent is often left open to those who want to ridicule, poke fun, or call names.  Sometimes these things are brought on by jealousy and others by just pure ignorance that the young male voice is a treasure that quickly fades.  It soon becomes that lower booming vibrant voice that either demands attention or scares you away!  Spencer is blessed in the fact that his voice has not yet fully broke and his ability to use his higher register now at this time in his career is an added feature that I hope he is able to hang on to for some time to come!  His sound is clean, crisp and clear and a pure pleasure to listen to especially the acoustic versions of his songs.  Don’t worry about the gainsayers Spencer.  You have the entire package…… run with it….. I personally think you’re amazing!

On a personal note, I find Spencer’s lifestyle to be one of his greatest qualities.  In an article just published this past Sunday January 15th, by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette ,we read that Spencer’s; “lyrics will always reflect a lifestyle that is faith-based” but “we’re not trying to sell somebody something.”  We are also told that Spencer has taken a purity vow until marriage which I find to be extremely commendable.  The last talented group of teen idols I remember boasting this was the Jonas Brothers, and it did not hurt their career in the slightest!  In fact I think it strengthened not only them individually, but helped to demonstrate to their fans that they were not just followers but born leaders.

Spencer Kane Profile


Within the lyrics of his songs you will truly find out who Spencer is as a person. His personal story is very much a part of why he writes the lyrics he does. When writing to me, Spencer’s father shared the following:


“We have agreed that we want his music to reflect his lifestyle. Not to be preachy or Bible thumping, but rather that you can be a kid with wholesome values and not feel abandoned or bullied.” 

Beyond music, Spencer is still passionate about getting a scholarship of some kind for either music or sports. He holds a 3.7 GPA and is an honors student.  He is not dating anyone and is patiently waiting for the right girl who will respect his standards. His cousin is the same age and goes to the same school and shares classes with him. They are both each other’s best friend and share similar convictions and social beliefs.

Spencer’s hope is that eventually he will be able to line himself up with a well-known music producer to work with. He continues to produce his own songs at Sweetwater Studio and hopes to complete an entire album by this Summer.

Currently Spencer is performing at a variety of venues. He has performed at (coffee shops, family dining locales, etc.)  His greatest experience was in front of a few thousand people at last year’s Riverfest in Fort Wayne. He performs with confidence and style, pulling the audience in as he delivered his songs.

RD-logoRadio Disney has also taken notice of Spencer.  He can be seen featured among some of the other outstanding young artists in this new video only released on Jan 25th and added to this article after original publication.

Spencer Kane Shoutout

There is no doubt that you will be hearing much more about Spencer Kane in the near future on Rivenmaster’s Place.  This is one young man who I desire to see perform in person some day and thankfully Indiana is not too far away!

Congratulations Spencer on an amazing beginning of what I see as a strong future for you in music.  Keep up the hard work and hold fast to your ground in the commitments you have made.  You are a beacon of encouragement to everyone who watches you.  Truly a Bright Star!


  • Invited to play at Six Flags parks in the Midwest this 2012 season.
  • Nominated for Best Pop Singer and Best Solo All Indie Music Awards Show.
  • Over 25,000 video views on his channel so far.
  • Over 3,500 fans worldwide and growing each day. (all social media sites combined)
  • Top 3 finish in the X-Factor auditions held in Fort Wayne among all male participants that day (over 130 auditioned).
  • Spencer just released his new mix of his song BEST FRIENDS and it is available for FREE download.  You won’t want to miss adding this to your collection of Spencer Kane music! [button_round color=”glossy-light” url=”http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1516225″] GET IT HERE NOW! [/button_round]The title is BF Redux-Ft The Ground Above