Spencer Kane Indiana’s New Idol in the Making!

Spencer Kane

Thanks to my many Facebook friends, I am often led to talent that I might have overlooked if it were not for their referrals.  Such was the case of fifteen year old Spencer Kane.  Once in contact with Spencer’s family, I realized I had also missed my good friend Tommy’s article on Stars2come which I now have happily read.

Spencer was born in South Bend, Indiana, but spent the first Seven years of his life living in Ocala, Florida where his family had relocated due to a job change. During Spencer’s forming years his family was actively involved in a church filled with high-energy modern Christian worship music. This musical influence filtered over in their daily lives with some form of contemporary Christian music always being played in their home. At a very young age Spencer quickly showed signs of musical interest and ability.  His parents recall observing him as early as two year’s old, singing along to the cd in the car and be-bopping in his seat.

Spencer KaneSpencer’s participation in the children’s choir at church also provided an outlet for him to share his musical gift. At the age of just five, his family produced his first music video. (which has yet to be seen by the public)  I did find out that the video consisted of Spencer lip synching to a Christian boy band song combined with video shots of him playing basketball and singing to the song while dancing. His family feels that this little home video was the springboard that laid the foundation for Spencer’s love for music and performing.

He has always had a passion for hip-hop music and he became a big fan of TobyMac in the early 2000’s.  This influence perhaps was the driving force that inspired him to write his first “hip-hop” song at the age of Ten.  The song is titled “Do Ya”, a children’s song with a lively hip-hop beat and a message about listening to your parents and following Jesus……

By the time he was twelve he had assembled and written lyrics to about a dozen songs. One in particular was about seeing a girl with her friends and wanting to be her “best friend”.  His parents downloaded some music tracks from a site and attempted to record an original using a pre-made song, but Spencer never liked the “vibe” of the song.

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