Sam Verlinden Wins Runnerup in Parachute’s Got Talent Competition!

Sam Beach

Sam the Man Verlinden has also been very busy this past month working in the recording studio. He has produced several new songs, all of which have been playing regularly on The Sky Kid Radio program.

Rounding up the last week of vacation before going back to school, Sam attended the Mystery Creek, Hamilton

Parachute Festival 2010.
There he entered the Parachute’s Got Talent competition singing “Who’s Lovin You”.
Like so many other times in the past, Sam had the audience screaming for him and captured the runner-up position, which for a 12 year old is more than a monumental achievement!

Sam Performs

Sam and his life long friend and singing companion Hannah were also invited to perform at Life FM on Saturday night.
They started with one song, which really started to bring in a huge crowd of people who shouted for and ENCORE performance!
They performed a total of 5 songs and were then invited back the following evening for another performance!

Sam spent several hours in the studio lately and I offer here his latest recordings of the following songs:
“Who’s Lovin You”  originally written by Smokey Robinson , “Open Happiness” the Coca Cola Theme Song & “I’ll be There” by Jackson Five.


As a promoter of Sam Verlinden, I’m happy to include in today’s updates three of Sam’s new recordings.

Enjoy them here and be sure to tell your friends all about this website where you can find exclusive pictures and audio files featuring your favorite You-Tube Stars