And the Winner Is! Allan Clelland Goddard!

Allan Contest
Allan has been a very busy lad lately celebrating and participating in Carnival in his home country of Trinidad & Tabago.  Each year, since Allan was six years old, he has been inv olved with and performed in the Calypso Singing contests!Allan Clelland Goddard sings
This is something that we have not yet even begun to cover in detail for Allan and is most exciting!
Today Allan captured First Place singing his Calypso song written by his very talented mother Deborah.

Perhaps we should start at the beginning!

As you may or may not remember from our first introductory post, Allan was actually born in England, but has spent his entire life in Trinidad and his parents are Trinidadians.
Calypso music and Steelpan are native to Trinidad & Tobago and is very much a part of who Allan has become.

Carnival is celebrated every year in Trinidad & Tobago on the Monday & Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. In the weeks before the celebration there are many calypso competitions in which many people of different age groups participate. This year Allan’s calypso was written by his mum and is called ‘Pan in Meh DNA’ It is written like most calypsos in colloquial language but it is usually not too difficult to understand. The song is about his passion for the music of the Steelpan and how it forms a part of his life.

Allan has made a huge hit with the song in Trinidad & Tabago & it is being played on the local radio stations. He is also selling his cds in Trinidad & donating all the profits to the children of Haiti.

I have been so blessed to get to know Allan through his mother Deborah. I have also found a real joy in learning about the culture of these beautiful people.
It is with great pleasure that I am able to offer his winning song here for your listening pleasure.

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