Jordan Jansen working on new CD!

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jordan cropLot’s has been taking place this past month for our regulars here at Rivenmaster’s Place.

Jordan Jansen sources reveal that Jordan is currently working on a CD that will be released very soon. The details are sketchy right now but check back soon for the inside scoop with more details.
I asked if they could disclose any of the tracks, and while I could not get all eleven of them, I am thrilled to be the first to announce that Hallelujah will be one of them!  Jordan’s Mom tells me it will be fantastic and that they are very excited about this new venture coming to fruition.
Keep your browsers bookmarked here to find out everything there is to know about this upcoming CD!

Here is Jordan’s latest video sung by request

“Justin Bieber’s One Time”


6 thoughts on “Jordan Jansen working on new CD!”

  1. Unfortunately since this last article I have not heard from Jordan. I know he is very busy with many things gong on! I'm hoping that I hear from him soon but I'm sure he will be happy to respond to you if you write to him. He loves fan mail and he tries hard to answer each one. If you have him on You-Tube as a friend that may be the best way to leave a comment otherwise try is contact info on his domain site. Please let him know that I miss the updates and would be happy to report on anything he would like to share!
    Thanks for writing to me here and keep coming back for updates on all the talented youth here.

  2. Do you have any info on when his new CD will be coming out? The one that he came to the states to record?

  3. Happy you were excited about this but this project was canceled as he started a new one that I'm sure we will hear much more about in the near future!

  4. Thanks for the comment! I'm sure you know by now that his article is a bit past dated! Jordan has already been to LA and started a new project that will be released later this year!

  5. jordan i realy love ur singing!!!! when u coming to vegas???? and people say u r almost there but i say U R THERE!!!! ur a real lucky kid so dont let it get to ur head!!!!!!! oh and jordan dont mess up on ur singing job!!!! there r millions of people would die for what u have!!!!
    LIKE ME!!!!!

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