Sam Santiago Featured on Maury’s Future Stars 2013


“You can sing kid!” – “Maury Povich” 



Ten year old Singing Sensation, Sam Santiago  from Irvine California, was awarded with a series of claps, applauds, and jubilees throughout his rendition of Bruno Mars’ number one hit single, “When I Was Your Man”, on the popular Maury Povich Show last Tuesday, April 2nd. 

 An experience of a lifetime had fallen upon young Sam, as this  10 year old singing prodigy finally got a little taste of the big entertainment life he had been longing for. 

 Sam’s older brother, Penuel who supports his younger brother by creating all of Sam’s videos and doing his photography explained;


 “Sam was ecstatic when he first heard about this amazing opportunity.  The house was filled with a mixture of emotions, from joy to anxiety, as our parents worked through all the paperwork and deadlines, while the kids began to spread the exciting news to everyone. “


Sam Santiago Performs on MaurySam Santiago Performs on Maury Show


Sam Santiago on Maury
Sam on Set Outside Studio

As the day for his trip to Maury’s Studio in Connecticut grew near, the anticipation mounted.  But finally the day came, and Sam and the family were on their way.  Their ride pulled up in front of their house to escort Sam and his family to the airport where the first leg of the journey would begin.

Sam was getting a little taste of celebrity life and loving every minute of it!  The feeling of being out from school, on a plane, and in the spotlight was a dream come true. 

Upon arrival in New York, Sam and his family were escorted to their hotel by another one of the Maury studio drivers. The luxury was something that they would love to get used to. 

No time was wasted! Within hours upon arrival taping began and the spotlights were on. 

Sam really enjoyed his time at the studio.  Being able to meet the other performers, talk with the producers, and receiving the star treatment was exhilarating! Dancers and singers alike were gathered in the green room backstage. These were the future stars of tomorrow, who were chosen out of several thousand to showcase their talent to a National audience.  What an honor!

Just before filming, Sam and the rest of the performers gathered around for a group prayer and soon after the cameras were ready.

Sam with other performers
In this photo, Sam, Jacquez, Jaycee & Dylynn, and Dominique. (Also performing was Mara Justine & Asia Monet Ray.)


All the performers were eager to get on stage and each and every one of them rocked the stage like pros! Not one of them seemed to be nervous or show a sign of stage fright. When all was said and done, Sam had a load of adrenaline pumping through his veins. But just as quickly as the excitement began, the reality of its conclusion was realized.  The time of Sam’s departure and separation from his new, outrageously talented friends had come. 

 Sam Santiago Closeup Sam Santiago on Set on Maury Show

  Although Sam met some amazing and influential people, Sam also felt like a role model as he spoke of his experience as a singer to his national audience.

“Singing is like breathing to me. I can’t live without it”, Sam said. 

Off camera, Sam was asked to explain what he felt was required to become a  successful singer, he replied;

“Be teachable, wise, hardworking and thankful to God”.

Their mini vacation didn’t go to any waste whatsoever. Just across the street from the hotel was a beautiful shopping center. The Santiago’s souvenir shopped until it was time to go back home. Once again their driver picked them up and they were off to the airport. 

One would think that such a hectic trip and experience for young 10 year old would be exhausting. You would think you’d find Sam passed out on the plane back to LA.  But Sam isn’t the normal run of the mill kind of guy. He may have a tiny frame, but within that outward shell is a powerful little dynamo, propelling a jaw dropping talent that never seems to run on empty.

All the way back to LA Sam dreamed but not in sleep.  He dreamed of what would be next? Maury had opened an opportunity he had been waiting for. Sam was now ready for anything, his big shot and grand entrance to the profession that would make all his dreams become reality.  

Continuous “what if” questions flowed from Sam’s lips; said his brother, “What if I become famous? What if I become real popular?” 

 Sam Performs Stay by: RihannaSam Performs “Stay” by: Rihanna


 Since Maury’s show aired, Sam’s YouTube subscriptions have been progressively climbing. At the time of this article he needed just 30 more subscriptions to reach his first thousand subscribers.  Please support Sam by visiting his channel today to help him reach his goal.

Next week Sam will once again be appearing on LA 18 TV to follow up his appearance on Maury.  Sam will be singing more songs from his performance collection along with being interviewed by television host Jannelle So.  If you live in the LA area you won’t want to miss this special program.

 Sam requested that I express his gratitude to Maury, the producers and his staff for giving him this awesome opportunity to showcases his talent, and to thank his family, supporters, and fans for their continued encouragement and support.  Without his fans and supporters none of this would have happened! 

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