Happy New Year “2011″

3D Man celebrates 2011As 2010 comes to a close we can only look back and think of the many wonderful articles that we have been privileged to share this past year.  Rivenmaster’s Place is still in its infancy, having only come into existence a mere 15 months ago.  However, unlike a natural birth we are extremely grateful for the rapid growth and development this site has enjoyed this past year!  We went from crawling to all out running serving a few hundred monthly readers to over four thousand.  While we are never satisfied and always looking for more subscribers we want to thank each and every one of you who have made this site the outstanding success it has become.

Rivenmaster place can proudly say that it is now visited by some very well known producers, movie directors, and other prominent people in the recording industry.  We are proud to say that through the course of this year our articles have sparked interest in some of the young talent that has been featured here and for that we are truly excited and thankful!

We have enjoyed seeing some groups and young solo artists benefit from this added publicity and are so happy that we have perhaps played a small part in their success!

Here’s Switzerland’s little Prince  “Loic VanHoydonck” with his latest video!


As of today the site has featured 26 different young talents with some on the verge of being signed and one group that has already fulfilled that dream. In addition Rivenmaster’s Place continues to support some of the top young singing artists and teen idols in the world with small ads, blurbs and videos in the side columns which helps to keep you up to date with your favorite young artists.

We have also added two pages and a FaceBook Fan Page Site this year!

happy new year-2011We want to take this opportunity to wish each and every artist listed below along with their families a very Happy New Year and thank you for allowing Rivenmaster’s Place to serve you this past year!

2Boys, Daves Highway, Kropp Circle, The Wright Kids, AjSil,Alan Hall, Allan Clelland-Goddard, Anthony Gargiula, Arden Reimer, Ashton Harrell, Bryan Sevener, Connor Blackley, Dylan Cragle, Jp Official Music, Jordan Jansen, Joshua Flores, Loic Van Hoydonck, Luke Womac, Mike Boymaster, Sam Santiago, Sam Verlinden, Shane Foxx, Tallan Latz, Thilo Berndt, Thomas Hans’ & Tyler Layne.

We look forward to a long and happy relationship and continued mutual friendship in 2011!


Here is one more by Loic VanHoydonck just published a few hours ago!


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  1. Happy New Year ! I am sure that 2011 would be even more successful for the site than 2010. And if Rivenmaster’s Place is still in its infancy – than theskykid.com must be the big brother ( being 6 years old ) . I will be looking forwards for updates on the stars I know and introductions of new talents

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