International Interest Growing for Norways 2Boys!


2Boys were first introduced here on July 24th , quickly followed up with an exclusive interview at [button_round color=”blue” url=””] The [/button_round]the following month.

2Boys 11-2010.
Since that time, the boys have been extremely busy with concerts, gigs, radio and TV interviews, autograph signings, publicity photo and video shoots, among other exciting opportunities for singing and performing in front of their admiring fans. Only now are they getting back into the swing of school and relaxing a bit from their very busy summer schedule.

2Boys CDTheir debut CD has done exceptionally well with sales continuing to grow. International reception has been phenomenal! In fact their physical CD is appearing in places like Brazil, Russia, and Mexico and as far away as Asia. Their mp3 versions of their CD and single songs on I-Tunes, continues to increase and is being downloaded from every part of the globe. I was just informed that even ringtones in Vietnam and China have been observed. In less than a year, these two boys (2Boys) have virtually come from being local youngsters to worldwide singing stars!

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The boys are continually being asked for their autographs with requests coming from Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, as well as the US. This has given birth to a marketing plan to sell autographed CD’s in the near future. If this marketing plan works out I will be one of the first to announce it so watch for this update!  If you are interested in this be sure to leave a comment for them below so your country can be included in this plan.

MarcusThere fame has also spread to a number of other blogs which now feature special articles about the boys. One such blog [button_round color=”purple” url=””] [/button_round] has an article that can now be enjoyed by their French speaking fans.

The boys continue to receive huge amounts of fan-mail where they are bombarded with questions like; “Do you have a girlfriend?” ,”When will you come to my country?” ,”What is your favorite ….?”  etc!  While they do their best to answer as many letters as they can, this is becoming a greater and greater challenge. sondre

If you would like to write to 2Boys, you can do so using this address:

Recently, the boys added a recording studio to their home where they will be able to produce quality video and audio recordings. I was delighted to be given a personal tour of their studio just this past week. In the following music video of Timbaland’s giant hit single “Apologize” the boys show a little behind the scenes work in their home studio and their favorite outdoor activity (skiing).  I know that they are even more excited to publish additional videos to their YouTube Channel, satisfying the demand of their ever growing fan population.



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What lies ahead for 2Boys?

Many exciting things are in store come 2011 with the boys debuting live internationally. Where and when this will occur cannot be disclosed at this time, but you can count on that announcement right here as soon as it becomes public. What I can say, is that it will be an exciting event involving the boys traveling overseas.

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I am so happy to have first hand contact with 2Boys and I look forward someday to be able to bring you a live interview through Skype.  I am currently working with their father to try to arrange a translator for such an event.  In the mean time be sure to visit their websites:

Purchase their CD:

Their single ” Be Yourself” can also be found on this collaboration CD:



“Never have I been more excited for Marcus and Sondre as I know without reservation that their popularity will only continue to grow and all their dreams which before seemed unobtainable will soon become a reality.   I wish you the very best of success boys!”


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  1. Hey Now! All I can tell you at this time Sabeline is that you should not worry!  The Boys are fine and are still on their journey to a great recording career!  Sometime artist have to purge their collections before they can put together a good marketing plan.  Hang in there and buckle your seat belts!   

  2. hello!
    It is me  Sabeline of blog
    I want to know why if you have boys in the group have 2Boys erase their video on youtube!

    Please answer me on the.reporter.sabe @

  3. This is my blog marcus-sondre! I’m a fan French of the group 2Boys
    I use google translate to translate my texts in several languages: D

  4. As always my pleasure to write about 2Boys! I just know that they will be an international success and look forward to being able to write the next update regarding their accomplishments!

  5. Your English is just fine! Thanks for your comment we are happy to spread the word about your site and appreciate your article featuring 2Boys!

  6. Its a pleasure to see that two boys are receiving the attention they truly deserve. Just this other day I went out with my bike and listened to the songs of their album 3 times in a row – even if in general I tend to like the more energetic tunes , I really like their ballads as well. They seem to be really proud with their home studio – nice clip ! Only few days ago I had an facebook add about the Norwegian version of the interview at and the interest was significant – so I can only confirm your observations of the ever increasing interest for them. Their French fan site is amazing and I hope that in the near future the boys will concentrate a bit on their official site as well.

  7. Another great article Rod:)
    And, I’m very happy about their increasing popularity,
    and all the exciting things that are planed for the future:)

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