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It has been well over a year now that I have been following the career of a sibling group who I predict to become the next big teen idol sensation to hit the music industry.   This group is called Kropp Circle and consists of three sibling brothers, Sebastian (18), Remington (16), and Emerson (14).  The boys are all immensely talented musicians who together bring a pop sound that is more than contagious.  The boys began writing their own music at a very early age and continue to produce songs that capture the essence of life and express their own experiences.  Emerson, the youngest composed his first composition at just five years old called “Still with me”. Because of this incredible talent for singing, playing instruments, and composing their own music they caught the eye and ear of Radio Disney and their songs “Feel” and “Fade Away” were featured on the station’s online competition N.B.T. (Next Big Thing).  This catapulted their career with them receiving over 80,000 views in less than two weeks on Radio Disney’s YouTube channel.   Kropp Circle is currently in the studio recording three new pop songs with music producer Jim McGorman, who has worked with recording artists (Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Michelle Branch).

Kropp Circle was also named as one of the top 3 Finalists in both the Rock and Pop categories of the prestigious UK’s “The People’s Music Awards”.  The track Who We Really Are was featured in the competition and won the appeal of both the young and old, helping their fan base to cross-generations and to grow exponentially.



On November 14, 2010 I was privileged to interview the boys in a special Skype Interview and I am very pleased to be able to share excerpts from that interview:

  • Rivenmaster: I understand you have all been singing since a very young age. When did you first discover or decide to make music together as a band?
  • Sebastian: We really were only pronounced as a band about three years ago, but we have been writing music together since Emerson was about eight years old.  While we didn’t think of ourselves as a band we were just doing what came naturally and now are happy that we have become a band.
  • Rivenmaster: Emerson you wrote your first composition on the piano at age five, a song called “Still with me.” What inspired this song and when where the lyrics united with the music?Emerson_Kropp_1
  • Emerson: Yes, the composition was written when I was five years old and was about my Grandmother’s passing. I wrote it for Mother’s Day and the lyrics came simultaneously with the music.
  • Rivenmaster: Sebastian you’re the oldest of the brothers do you lead the group or do you share the leadership?
  • Sebastian: Yes, I’m currently the leader of the group; however my two brothers have both stepped up to a leadership role.  Emerson works very hard and Remington has really stepped it up this past year or so.
  • Rivenmaster: Remington, when you are putting a song together for the first time, what is the process you use?  Do you just jam? Also, how and when are the lyrics added?
  • Remington: First we come up with a piece on the piano or guitar and then we all get together and write some words and compose the song.
  • Rivenmaster: So there’s no real order to the process?
  • Sebastian: No! Normally if we don’t get the song done in about 20 or 30 minutes we just put it aside for later and then come back to it.  Most of the songs, especially the ones we have done recently were composed in less than 20 minutes.
  • Rivenmaster: You guys have a really busy schedule when do you find time to do school work and just do your own thing with your friends?Remington_Kropp_2
  • Sebastian: Because we are so busy, we do not have as much time for socializing as we use to, however my best friend and his brother have become close friends to all of us, and when we have time we hang out with them.  As far as schoolwork we go to school on line and our Mom makes sure that we keep up with that.
  • Rivenmaster: Remington, what is a typical day in the life of Kropp Circle?
  • Remington: A typical day would be….. just wake up and write songs all day!
  • Sebastian: I enjoy what we are doing right now.  It’s a lot of music, inner dealings, and traveling.  Another thing that is a big part of us is that we are very much into designing jewelry and fashion for which we plan to start our own jewelry and clothing line once we are done launching our music.
  • Rivenmaster: You have some excellent music videos that have been recently released… Who has been producing your videos and which is your individual favorite and why?
  • Emerson: Definitely “Can’t Stop the Rain”, it’s very edgy for teens.
  • Sebastian: It’s very European and British; it’s a cool direction as this is what we have always been writing like.  Ryan R. Williams has been shooting our videos and is very experienced in films and is a real good friend of ours.  We have done two videos with him. “Can’t Stop The Rain” and “Who We Really Are.”  It took about 28 hours for “Who We Really” Are and about two full days for “Can’t Stop The Rain”.


  • Rivenmaster: Do you have plans for a CD soon?  If so how many tracks are you planning?
  • Sebastian: We are not actually planning on producing a CD right now.  Our priority is to first be signed by a major label and then get with the management company to have things promoted properly.  While we are becoming very close to becoming independent artists our desire is to not go it alone as it is too difficult.  We will continue to produce singles so we will have options when we do go forward with a CD. We are especially pleased with our last three songs that we have just produced with Jim McGorman.
  • Remington: But we are definitely expecting our singles to be out on I-tunes so everyone can purchase them by February!
  • Rivenmaster: What does each of you like to do outside of music?  Sports, favorite movies, books, video games etc?
  • Emerson: I enjoy photography, painting and design.
  • Remington: I enjoy the television program “Lost”
  • Sebastian: I’m into the designing of the clothing and jewelry.
  • Rivenmaster: I was intrigued to find out that all of you play Hockey and participated in the US Hockey Organization. Where did you skate?
  • Sebastian: Yes about three years ago we all played with “The Las Vegas Outlaws”.  We did pretty well in nationals and won a lot of state tournaments.
  • Rivenmaster: I also understand that you are all Chess Players as well and have competed in large tournaments.  Who is the best among you?
  • Sebastian: That would be me I guess.  It’s in our past now, but yes I won state four years in a row and was in the top 50 for nationals every year.
  • Rivenmaster: You are also about giving! Tell us a little about your involvement in VH1 Save the Music and what it actually is.
  • Sebastian: VH1 Save The Music is all about providing more opportunity for youth to participate in music programs by providing instruments and equipment to schools music departments.  Each year my brothers and I would forgo our own birthdays and once a year celebrate together by getting donations instead of receiving presents so we could contribute to this very worthy cause.  In fact one year we even were able to donate more than Beyonce which was pretty cool.
  • Rivenmaster: What event would you say has been the most outstanding for you so far and is there anything exciting coming up that you can share with us?Sebastian_Kropp_1
  • Sebastian: What’s coming up is that we have our concert with Emily Osment at the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana on November 27th.  This will be our first big stadium show with over 7,500 people in attendance, which we are very excited to do!  In the past it would be, having had the opportunity to appear on Radio Disney NBT (Next Big Thing).  It was a wonderful opportunity for which we are very grateful as not many people have that opportunity to appear when they are still unsigned.
  • Rivenmaster: I’m sure that each of you has different musical influences. What artist/s do you think has made the biggest impact on you as individuals and as a group?
  • Remington: “Rob Thomas”, “Matchbox 20”,”Hanson” and “The Script”.
  • Emerson: “The Doors”, “The Faces”, the old groups!
  • Sebastian: “Oasis”, “Radiohead”, “Coldplay”, “The Verv Pipe”
  • Rivenmaster: Is there anything you guys would like to add that we did not cover in the interview?
  • Kropp Circle: Yes we would like to thank our manager Stephanie Rachel who is just the best!  We also would like to tell everyone about our weekly video called KCTV, which you can find on our YouTube Channel. It’s all about a day in the life of Kropp Circle showing us going into the studio, interviewing, or just having dinner where our fans can really connect with us.

NOTE: Due to lack of space here this interview had to be abbreviated.  For the full interview listen to on Sunday November 21st at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


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  1. Thanks again for providing my site and Kropp Circle air-time on the radio! I know that they were very happy to do the interview and have it aired as they tweeted and plugged it on FB, along with it appearing in a news release. I also received a personal phone call from their manager expressing a heartfelt thanks.

    Skykid, I appreciate what you do behind the scenes to make not only a success but to help all those who are standing in the wings. You are truly a very generous and kind individual and I’m happy to know you!


  2. I was lucky that the very first video of the group I saw was of the song : Can`t Stop The rain. Loved the atmosphere in the clip. Just the visuals set the mood and when they start singing the power of the music seems to be even greater. Then I stumbled on a video of them performing a JB cover….hmm I don`t have anything against JB , but am not found of bands or singers covering his songs. Yet I would like to believe that Kropp Circle will be heading in the brilliant direction of their newest clip. The audio version of the interview is already available on the radio site so you can listen it on demand. I must say that it was a great interview , very professionally conducted with some great answer of the band. Good luck guys !

  3. Thanks Dylan,

    Yes, these guys are really personable and friendly. I hope they have time to read your comment and reply. I know you would become great friends! I know that they will be very busy this Thanksgiving Holiday ,doing a huge concert and then a Thanksgiving feed with about 350 fans present. Now that’s what I call a Thanksgiving Dinner! Can you imagine the food that will be there to feed 350 people. Thanks again for your faithfulness to the Radio and to all the sites. Your not only a very talented young man but I consider you a great friend as well!

  4. Thanks Tommy,

    There is no doubt that these sibling brother have a blood chemistry that overflows into their creativity and music. I’m not only a supporter but a huge fan as well! It was a real pleasure to meet them on Skype… perhaps next time will be at one of their concerts!

  5. I have always liked these Kropp Circle ever since I seen them on Disney. I love the sound they have, and he accent in their voices really compliments the songs they sing…just awesome

  6. I’m listening to your interview right now. You guys are great. really good sound, great vocals and lyrics. Very nice! Have fun!

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