Dylan Cragle Meets Raining Faith – Two new original songs released!

Dylan Cragle Nashville
Dylan Cragle in Nashville

This is the fourth time that Dylan Cragle has been featured on this site, and for good reason!  Dylan is extremely and uniquely talented, in as much as he has been writing and producing his own music ever since I first met him through his YouTube Channel.

His most recent two originals “Nova Scotia (What About Me)“, and “Dance Me”, were written, composed and played by Raining Faith.  Raining Faith is a Nashville Tennessee based band, the same band that Dylan worked with on his first original song “He Taught Me” that debuted on his very first introductory article right here on Rivenmaster’s Place!

You can learn more about Raining Faith by visiting the YouTube Channel called Captain Rock.  Even before this website was birthed, I heard wonderful things about Randy Pinkelton, better known as (Captain Rock), and how supportive he and the band have been to the young artists they have come in contact with!  I salute them for their creative work and their efforts to inspire young budding artists like Dylan!


Dylan recently returned from a trip to Nashville where he worked with Raining Faith in their recording studio, Ruby Mai Studios.  Nova Scotia (What About Me), an emotional ballad was first written for Raining Faith.  However, as they started working on the song the band members all agreed that they thought Dylan’s vocal would sound amazing for this song and set out to contact him regarding him singing lead on this song.  I think that once you have heard this song you will agree with them.

Dylan is an amazing vocalist.  This song, like his others, really demonstrates Dylan’s ability to tell a story through his vocals, which are both convincing and moving.  Each Dylan Cragle original has a message or story interwoven into the tapestry of the song, which Dylan eloquently reveals through his heartfelt emotional performances.

To finish this article and leave Dylan comments 

“The new video is AWESOME! I love how it was done! I’m so proud of you!  Thank you so very much for the opportunity to write for you and very soon with you!  We were honored to have you in the studio with us!  You’re an EXTREME TALENT whose future is truly going to be paved with success!” ………….. Captain Rock (Randy Pinkelton)


Dylan Cragle Nova Scotia Music Video

 Dylan had already been working on “Dance Me”, preparing to record it in Washington State. “Dance Me” was inspired by Ellen DeGeneres dancing at the beginning of all of her shows. Randy Pinkelton, writer and lead singer for Raining Faith had asked Dylan what type of song he wanted to do this time, Dylan said; “something up beat”. The guitarist Jerry Calvin came up with the melody and rhythm of the song first, then they started writing the lyrics. Dylan Cragle sings Dance MeAs they were working on the song in the studio a friend of Jerry’s Mr. Butch Carr came in, he asked who was singing the song. They said it was for a teen in Washington and showed him the song they had previously done with Dylan.  He liked the song so much he asked them if he could lay down the percussion track for the song himself. After doing so, he said he would like to mix and master the song also, and asked if Dylan could record the vocal tracks and send them to him. When Dylan and his family were told that Mr. Carr wanted to do this, they immediately said they would rather bring Dylan to them in Nashville to record the song there.  The rest is now history!

Listen to “Dance Me” here and also on The Skykid Radio!

[ti_audio media=”1573″]

 “He is blowing us away, where does he get this from?”

                                                                          Jerry Calvin

Dylan Cragle in Studio


The band really enjoyed having Dylan in Nashville and Dylan claims he was treated like royalty. Raining Faith said they will be writing and co/writing more songs with Dylan, and can’t wait to have him back in their studio again. Jerry Calvin said while Dylan was in the recording boot; “He is blowing us away, where does he get this from?” His mother replied; “I really don’t know he just does it!”

Dylan continues to stay very busy each and every summer performing at Fairs and singing at Street Fairs. He is thronged by fans asking for autographs after his shows and everyone who hears his new songs are singing their praises!

Dylan is planning to use these new songs along with his other originals a part of his new CD project.  He also hopes to have them available on iTunes before the end of summer.


For more information about Dylan be sure to check out all of his sites below.

You can also write directly to Dylan at his new Fan Mail Address:



Dylan Cragle

Po Box 1506

Milton WA 98354

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  1. Dylan, I’m sure Hannah realizes how busy you are and it was so nice of you to take the time to comment back! 

    Wow look at you!  24 comments and counting!  Way to go buddy!

  2. Thank you so much Hannah, that is very kind of you. Sorry I didn’t see this comment sooner. Have a good week!

  3. Thank you soooooooooo much!!! You have been so very kind to me, it really means a lot to me. Sorry I thought you knew Raining Faith did that song with me. They are phenomenal! Thank you for all of your hard work you do to help all of us out.

  4. Knowing Dylan is a privilege really and lately I was able to talk with some fans of his music – like me they share the same sentiments about the two new songs Dylan just released . I join Rivenmaster in saluting Raining Faith for the great music ! ( I did not know that they were behind my personal favorite song by Dylan “He Taught Me” )  . When a music gets me – makes me cry or smile …or bring  back memories I know I found a favorite and Dylan`s song often have that effect on me.

  5. Now Dylan, this was awesome bro. Your amazing no matter what you sing. Your just incredible. I love listening to you. I’m really proud of Captain Rock for bringing you out there and getting you started . You deserve it, and your way to awesome to not be known

  6. WOW Dylan you done a great job on Dance Me…that is really awesome……see what did I tell you, you belong in Nashville

  7. Randy,

    I’m very happy that I have known you over the years on YouTube!  I’m not sure how many years now as they all run into each other.  It’s just kind of funny how some of our lives get intertwined with each other. 

    I’m always delighted to publish articles like this, that show what great people like you are doing to help these talented young guys along.  You are an inspiration to many and I know that Dylan speaks so very highly of all of you!  Keep up the great work with Dylan! 

    Like you, I am very blessed to know him and to work with him.  Dylan is one of, if not the most polite and humble, yet strong, confidant young men that I have ever met!

  8. Thank You Rod!!!
    We are so very Proud of Dylan!
    He’s a Magical Talent thats for sure!
    We are Truly Honored and Humbled!!!

  9. Thanks Allan,
    I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave a comment!  Dylan and his family have become wonderful friends!  I very much look forward to meeting both you and Dylan in person someday in the future!

  10. Thanks Bronwyn,

    I so much appreciate your faithfulness and support to the blog and to all the young talent that marches across these pages!  Tell Sam I said CHEERS!

  11. Mike,  Thanks for the comment!  I too am enjoying watching Dylan’s career blossom!  He has so much going for him that I believe that we will see him on the Grand Ole Opera Stage one day!  Of course I want front row seats and a back stage pass!   Dylan is well on his way to BIG SUCCESS!

  12. Great to read your new article on Dylan, and awesome to see and hear how well he is doing.  GO DYLAN … and thanks Rod for sharing his progress with us ….  Bronwyn & Sam from NZ 🙂

  13. Great to read your new article on Dylan, and awesome to see and hear how well he is doing.  GO DYLAN … and thanks Rod for sharing his progress with us ….  Bronwyn & Sam from NZ 🙂

  14. Both of Dylan’s new songs are awesome. He has such smooth vocals and really puts emotion into each song he does. I’m really enjoying following his career as it develops.

  15. Both of Dylan’s new songs are awesome. He has such smooth vocals and really puts emotion into each song he does. I’m really enjoying following his career as it develops.

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