Dalton Letorney New England’s Electrifying Entertainer

Dalton Heralding from Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA, comes thirteen year old singer, songwriter, musician and outstanding vocalist Dalton Letorney!  This award-winning musician, plays keyboard, piano, harmonica, and has performed for thousands throughout the New England States.

While most talented youngsters are reported to show amazing musical abilities as early as four or five years of age, Dalton secretly held his in reserve.  It could be that he was just soaking everything up in preparation for his moment to shine and demonstrate what he was really capable of.

His parents report that Dalton started playing piano at age eight taking Suzuki lessons at South Shore Conservatory where you learn to play by ear first then read notes afterward. It was about this time that he began to demonstrate signs of having perfect pitch. Despite these musical abilities blossoming, he always showed anxiety when it came to singing. Whenever his parents would hear him sing around the house he would get shy and stop.  However, through the encouragement of his Mother when Dalton was eleven, he was persuaded to perform at his fifth grade talent show with his younger brother Dylan, age nine.  The boys were the opening act in that show performing in front of more than 600 people.


Dalton and Dylan sing:”Fly With Me”, by Jonas Brothers

After that performance, Dalton was bitten by the performing ‘bug’ and wanted to do more. His brother decided to focus on sports while Dalton pursued singing along with his piano skills and performed his first solo performance at his fifth grade school concert.   The following year Dalton blew everyone away with his performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” backed up by 300 of his classmates in the school choir.


Dalton Rocks the School Stage to an audience of over 800 people

 Since then Dalton has entered and won numerous talent competitions throughout New England. He performed in Braintree’s Got Talent, Wachusetts Got Talent, and Music On and Up’s (2nd place winner in the Grand Finale for under 19 musicontheupshowcase).  Music On and Up has been very instrumental in providing tremendous performance opportunities for Dalton throughout 2011.

Dalton enjoys all types of music. When he first started his solo career back in June, 2010, he loved the group Journey (Don’t Stop Believin’). He then started to learn more classic rock songs that incorporated more piano. Songs like “Piano Man”, by Billy Joel, “Crocodile Rock”, by Elton John and “Dream On”, by Aerosmith.  As his music taste broadened, he began to enjoy more current pop music like Adele, Usher and Bruno Mars. Soon afterward, he became inspired to start writing his own original music with the use of Jam Studio and Garage Band on his home computer. In addition, Dalton enjoys collaborating on songs with other musicians he meets and posting new covers of songs on his YouTube Channel.

Dalton has a very loving and giving personality and especially enjoys performing for charity events.  Just since June 2010, Dalton has performed well over 100 times at a variety of places and events. He’s performed at:

  • The Hard Rock Cafe (Boston)

    Dalton at Fenway
    Dalton at Fenway Park preparing to sing the National Anthem
  • House of Blues (Boston)
  • Foxwoods Resorts Casino (Connecticut)
  • Teens Rock America
  • Camplified Tour 2011 in New York
  • Boston Lobsters half-time show ( World Tennis Team Franchise)
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Elementary , Middle, and High Schools
  • College’s
  • Charity events
  • Restaurants
  • Private functions
  • Live Radio and Television interviews
  • Major Newspapers including – The Boston Globe
  • Internet sites ( Hollywood East Connection, & Stars2come.com)

Some of Dalton’s recent accomplishments include:

    • Participating in Debra Crosby Talent Quest in August, 2010 where he competed with adults and won First Place for the ‘Top Entertainer’ award at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.
    • The debut of his First Original song entitled – “Dance Around Me“. Dalton composed the music and co-wrote the lyrics with his brother Dylan.
    • Acting as Green Rocker Ambassador – Dalton was chosen in 2011 as one of Seven Green Rockers to perform at many schools and events around New England to promote green initiatives
Dalton and AHMIR
Dalton with "AHMIR"


  • Foxwoods Resorts Casino Performance – Performed at this resort for the Community Auditions TV show as one of their youngest contestants during the year in Oct 2010.
  • Camplified Tour 2011 – Dalton and his brother Dylan performed on this tour in NY at a kids camp in August 2011.


  • Acting Debut in Music Video – Dalton was asked by AHMIR – the #1 most popular R&B groups on YouTube with over 52 million views to be a part of their music video, “Perfect”, a cover of Pink’s song.              They made this into an anti-bullying video and Dalton played the part of a bullied victim in one of the scenes. The video was shot in April, 2011 at Dalton’s school and currently has over 1 million views and counting.

Dalton Anti-Bullying Video

Pink – Perfect  (AHMIR cover) – Anti-Bullying Video

  •  Documentary Film, “Bullied To Silence” – Dalton was interviewed this summer of 2011 and will be a part of this anti-bullying documentary due out in early 2012. Dalton was the victim of bullying in the 5th and 6th grade and shared his experiences with the film’s producers. He wrote his 2nd song, called, “SOMEDAY” ( an anti-bullying song) which will also be featured in the movie. Check out Dalton in the film’s trailer below, then visit the site at: www.bulliedtosilence.com

BULLIED TO SILENCE Trailer from Tami Pivnick on Vimeo.

  • Faneuil Hall in Boston – Dalton auditioned and was chosen to be an official 2011 street performer at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA known for their world famous entertainment. He performed all summer long to thousands of tourists all over the world. Watch this clip of a collection of his street performances from this past summer 2011
  • Dalton’s Biggest Venue – Dalton was invited to sing the national anthem at Fenway Park before a Boston Red Sox game on August 17, 2011 in front of a sold out crowd of 37,000 people.

 Dalton Fenway Park

Watch Dalton Perform to the packed stadium at Fenway Park in Boston

Dalton’s greatest desire is to inspire others through his music, encouraging everyone to believe in themselves and live out their dreams.

Gold bar

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