Dalton Letorney New England’s Electrifying Entertainer

Dalton Heralding from Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA, comes thirteen year old singer, songwriter, musician and outstanding vocalist Dalton Letorney!  This award-winning musician, plays keyboard, piano, harmonica, and has performed for thousands throughout the New England States.

While most talented youngsters are reported to show amazing musical abilities as early as four or five years of age, Dalton secretly held his in reserve.  It could be that he was just soaking everything up in preparation for his moment to shine and demonstrate what he was really capable of.

His parents report that Dalton started playing piano at age eight taking Suzuki lessons at South Shore Conservatory where you learn to play by ear first then read notes afterward. It was about this time that he began to demonstrate signs of having perfect pitch. Despite these musical abilities blossoming, he always showed anxiety when it came to singing. Whenever his parents would hear him sing around the house he would get shy and stop.  However, through the encouragement of his Mother when Dalton was eleven, he was persuaded to perform at his fifth grade talent show with his younger brother Dylan, age nine.  The boys were the opening act in that show performing in front of more than 600 people.


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