Connor Blackley in Nashville


Connor had a great time in Nashville last month! He sang a 15 minute set at the Hard Rock Cafe and then 15 minute set at the Nashville Palace..

School is in full swing and Connor is doing very well balancing his vocal classes as well as his academic classes.
He is having a blast with his band United. They have several gigs coming in in the next couple of month, including the Orange Park Fall Festival and a Fall festival in Oakleaf. Connor got his start singing in Church and still sings regularly at the church where he attends, and this month he will be singing for Homecoming weekend.

Like all boys who have entered into their teen years, Connor’s voice is gradually deepening and becoming richer and fuller.  His Mom shared with me that his vocal trainer has been lowering the keys left and right to accommodate his vocal range changes.  You will especially enjoy this performance  from one of his latest videos that shows just how rich and deep Connor’s vocals are becoming.

I stated some time ago that Connor was our next Garth Brooks in the making and he continues to show more stage presence and confidence with every performance.

On the 30th of this month, Connor will be competing in the OBCMAI  (Orange Blossom Country Music Association International) Awards in the New Country category, if he wins, he will get to compete in March of next year at the NACMAI Awards (North America Country Music Association International).

Nothing will surprise me that we hear that Connor captures this new category! I believe this 13 year old is well on his way to becoming a real Country Star!

Keep going Connor Knock them off their feet!

2 thoughts on “Connor Blackley in Nashville”

  1. Nashville is the Country Capital of the US. Country Music Stars from all over the world assemble there on the Grand Ole Opry Stage.

    The Hard Rock Cafe and Nashville Palace are great places for young country performers to stretch their wings and be discovered. Also Country Stars drop in from time to time to perform for the patrons too.
    Yes if you visit the states you will have to visit Nashville and tour the Museum.

    As that is something that every music lover should see.
    Thanks for your faithful comments and for your friendship to Connor and the young stars represented here!

  2. If I keep reading of such great performances in Nashville , I might just about move there. Few months ago I have heard about the city for a very first time from Tommy and you and now – I am starting to see Nashville as the center of culture in the US. I like Connor`s performance and am looking forwards to see some clips of him performing with the band.

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