Australia’s Jack Vidgen is In It To Win It!

Jack Vidgen
Jack Vidgen

In January of this year I introduced Jack Vidgen on this site for the first time.  He not only had captured my attention with his great vocals but he captivated me with his performance prowess and sincere interpretation of the songs he sang.

Much has happened for Jack since his first article appeared here.  After auditioning for Australia’s Got Talent, he was awarded an opportunity to perform on the show. Not only did Jack perform but he literally blew everyone away with his powerful performance of Whitney Houston’s song “I have Nothing”.

It seemed a bit ironic, that this boy who had everything to offer vocally, was singing these lyrics. When in fact the lyrics should have rung out; “I Who Have Something”! Something to prove to the world!  Jack did so well with this audition performance that he even merited a kiss from one of the judges.   However,  not quite from the one he may have expected it from.

“I like the look on people’s faces when I sing. It’s just the best feeling to stand up there in front of an audience.” Jack Vidgen

By now, I imagine you have seen this audition performance, but for those of you who may have been sleeping under a rock the last couple of weeks, here it is once more in its entirety.  This video has actually had more than 526,000 views to date, but when you add up all the views of his different videos for this performance he now has surpassed 1.5 Million views. Maybe this article will push it to 1.6 Million. Enjoy it again!

Watch Jack's Audition Performance

I have to be honest with you.  Living in the US I had not heard that Jack had auditioned for the show.  I went to my blog as I usually do every day and noticed that one article had received over 600 views that morning alone.   I immediately began to check to see what had happened and quickly found that everyone was reading about Jack who had just performed the night before!

Jack is very impressive not only as a young performer but also as a person.  Following his big performance he was interviewed by “Today Tonight, Channel 7 in Australia!  He spoke briefly about the now famous kiss he received on the cheek from judge Brian McFadden.


Jack Vidgen Amazing Talent
Click to see "On Today Tonight" Channel 7

Jack also appeared on “I wake up Today Show” in a piece produced by the show. You will hear comments from AWW’s Helen McCabe concerning Jacks incredible vocal skills.  She was doing a picture shoot and she just asked Jack to do an impromptu performance for them. She and her camera crew enjoyed it so much it became an instant television piece for a “Behind the scenes look at Jack Vidgen”!

Jack Vidgen BW
Click to see Jack on "I Wake Up Today"

Jack does it again!

“He has done it again! Australia’s overnight teen sensation, Jack Vidgen has once again, wowed the audience and the judges with his performance at the semi-final round of “Australia’s Got Talent”. And this time, he had ‘outdone’ himself as he delivered a performance far more outstanding when he first auditioned at the reality TV competition in early May.” International Business Times

If Jacks first performance was not enough to convince everyone that he deserved to win this competition, his second performance removed all doubt that Jack was, as Randy Jackson would say on American Idol, “IN IT TO WIN IT!”

Although Jack has two more performances before the Grand Final, I know that he will continue to impress us all, showing us just what he is made of.  (Confidence, Showmanship, Charisma, Character, and Exceptional Vocal Skills)

Watch his latest performance of (“And I Am Telling You“) from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls!  The comments from the judges once again sum up my feelings about Jacks abilities to not only entertain but to take us to a whole new level of musical enjoyment.

Jack Vidgen Simi Final
Watch Jack's Latest Performance - AGT 2011 Semi Final!

“I don’t mind all the comparisons to Justin Bieber but I don’t want to be Justin Bieber!” “Jack Vidgen”

While Jack is very cordial to all the comparisons that are being made to Justin Bieber he made it clear that he is his own man.

I for one do not see anything to compare to.  They are both outstanding young men with an extraordinary talent.  But Jack is totally different than JB.  Jack has a big voice and will be able to sing just about anything that he desires.  I don’t see Jack being locked into any certain type or genre of music in the future.  With his vocal range, control, and booming quality he could perform for any venue or even in a theatrical stage production.

I’m very happy for Jack that he was afforded this extraordinary opportunity to showcase his skills at this media level and even more delighted that millions of people now know what many of us have already known for some time!

If you want to find out more about Jack Visit Him on one of these sites below!

Congratulations and Best of Success Jack!  We sit on the edge of our seats to see and hear what you will choose for your next outstanding performance!

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  1. He really is amazing. I saw his performance on another blog and was blown away.  Did he win Australia’s Got Talent?  I couldn’t find but two performances of his on that show.  Surely he got to the finals?

  2. Great Job Jack!  We are all pulling for you over here in the USA!  Everyone leave your comments for Jack! I’m sure that he will reply as soon as he gets a free moment from the show to do so! 

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