Alan Hall Talented Treble Troubadour

Alan Hall, formerly from England UK, demonstrates a soulful folk/pop sound that not many boys his age are able to master. This talented treble troubadour is well on his way to Stardom!


Most treble connoisseurs have heard of Elie Dupuis from Quebec Canada, but today I would like to introduce to  you another Canadian from New Brunswick, who is making waves throughout Canada and starting to capture the media’s attention with his beautiful treble voice.
Alan Hall, formerly from England UK, demonstrates a soulful folk/pop sound that not many boys his age are able to master.  In fact while most youngsters his age are singing songs by Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, and even Justin Bieber, Alan lists Bob Dylan, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, and Andrew Lloyd Webber as his greatest musical influences. Moreover, he is privileged to have Roger Glover of the rock band Deep Purple as a personal friend and even greater influence helping him develop into a real upcoming star.

Alan began his singing career with weekly vocal lessons at the age of just 5 with opera singer Patricia Varley, in London, UK. Alan’s mother told me; that she can often hear her voice through his.  Alan also furthered his musical skills with weekly guitar lessons with Adrian Morris, a UK level 6 guitarists.  With Adrian as his instructor, Alan leaned to play guitar and sight read a wide variety of musical styles including but not limited to, Baroque, Flamenco, Blues, and Country.  While working with Adrian, Alan began to sing along to songs like, Cheating Heart, This Train, Love me tender, Country roads, and Blowing in the wind.  Alan has performed at school functions both in the UK and in Canada, some of which we has been recorded. He also sang at a Ceilidh (an informal social gathering at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing and folk dancing and storytelling) at a Highland Games aAlan Hall with guitarnd at a Country Fete.

Roger Glover of the rock band Deep Purple, a close friend of the family, has been a great encouragement and influence to Alan, since he began playing and singing.  Recently while commenting on one of Alan’s performances Roger said; “Your pitching is spot on!  Also, writing songs is a big step and takes real courage, nice poetic words – well done.” Alan has had many short jam sessions with Roger, who has passed on to Alan great little snippets of advice. He has also invited Alan backstage at some Deep Purple concerts in London UK.  HOW COOL IS THAT?

On the sportsman side, Alan has been practicing Judo for 7 years, and currently holds a green belt. He has also started training in Olympic Wrestling and recently was awarded his Swimming Bronze Award (lifeguard).

Alan enjoys watching movies and lists his favorites as Avatar, Without a Paddle, and especially enjoys old comedy like Laurel and Hardy and The Little Rascals.

Currently, Alan has recorded three original songs, and he is in the process of recording three more as this article is going to press. His first three songs “Annie”, “Loves White Star” and Purple Ties are already available on iTunes and CDbaby and CBC Radio 3.  Purple Ties is a reference song dedicated to Roger. His new three songs which will be available very soon are: “Shoes”, “Silly Little Thing” and “She Thinks Too Little”.

I was just informed that a local CBC Radio Station has requested an interview with Alan, after listening to a song sample that they were sent and are currently working out a time slot for that interview to be aired.

To learn more about Alan you can visit his Domain Site and don’t forget to check back here for more updates about this wonderfully talented young treble singer.  You will also soon hear Alan sing on The Radio and perhaps even a forth coming interview right here by yours truly.


“I say without reservation that Alan Hall is a star in the making, and I guarantee you will be hearing lots more from him in the future!”


“Listen to radio version”

If you missed this article as it was published to Radio I offer it here now for your convenience.  Please visit us on the radio each week to hear more from these young stars and many more who are introduced and have their music played each week.


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  1. Yes connoisseur it is! It's that special love of Treble Music that brings us joy to write these articles about these talented youngsters, helping the world to see them through our eyes and ears.
    Your statement of pure is exactly what I heard. You can always tell a true singing talent by the crisp, pure, unadulterated sound that comes forth. Alan will be a huge success and I'm sure we will be hearing much more of his pure vocals in the future!

  2. Thank you for your affirmation and I agree 1 million percent! His beautiful, pure sounding voice is one to be reckoned with. We are only seeing the beginning of what will become an astounding career!

  3. Michael,
    Thanks for your comment concerning Alan! Yes, while Alan Hall is a very well used name I'm happy that my article can be found so easily! Alan is definitely a rising star and you won't need a telescope to see him because he will be right out in front!

  4. Is that what I am a – “treble connoisseur” – well I might as well be and think that its a shame that Ellie never released out an album or even a single. While his live performances are first class sometimes / well most of the times the studio releases just sound better. Speaking of Alan – what first impressed me in his music was the purity of his voice. And of course I am glad that he has such a close friendship from someone who is in one of the best group of all times ( according to my Dad ). There are many talented singers and its like I feel better when I see a youngster looker to a group such as Deep Purple for inspiration instead of one days Sensations like Lady Gaga…etc
    Ah did I get that right ( Alan was awarded as a lifeguard ? – if so me may almost be colleagues on that level )

  5. Alan is definitely going to be famous!!!!AWESOME SINGER!!!! ; )

  6. Alan Hall is also listed in one of the top positions on the new search engine called Daslot and there are 16 of them. To find Daslot just use your default search engine and once there type in singing live and Alan Hall is in top position on all 16 search engines at the same time all over the world.

    Is there a new up and coming star for the states, only time will tell


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