Aj Silva Amazing Young Performing Artist!

Aj SilvaWhen I was first directed to AJ Silva’s YouTube Channel over a year ago, he was only sporting seven cover songs and a several hundred subscribers. Today, this sensational, soon to be teen, has over two dozen video covers, nearly 5,000 subscribers and over a Half a Million page views!

The Success of Aj Silva can be contributed to many factors, with the largest one being that this boy is just flat out amazing!  His ability to stay in perfect pitch, showcasing his vocal range effortlessly on every song, perfect timing and breath control, in addition to his creative artistic vocal flavor makes Aj Silva the young artist to watch in the months to come!

I have been extremely honored to be a part of his promotional team effort over his past year! While he has held a high profile on this site in the side bars and in the header banner, prior to this update he has only had one full feature article.

I’m happy that we can finally share a little more with you about this amazing boy with the golden voice called Aj Silva.

In his introductory feature article we learned much about his background and working with his father behind the control board in their home studio.  This was where Aj’s musical adventure began and continues to flourish!

This young artist’s ability to capture a song, make it his own, do his own arrangements along with adding as many as four-part harmonies has proven to be his trademark in music video creation.

Aj Silva RecentOf course since then his videos have become even more creative using special lighting and amazing background imaging along with even some enchanting outdoor creations. While all of this has been beneficial and made his YouTube Channel more interesting it’s his vocals that have captured the attention of millions from around the globe!

AJ Silva has been a very busy twelve yr old since first appearing here on this site. Like most youngsters his age he attends school, enjoys sports, playing video games, reading books, and spending time with his friends.

In addition to the normal activities of a preteen, you’ll find AJ in a recording studio or dancing at KDS Studios in Orlando Florida, formally (Trans Continental Studios). If you’re not familiar with KDS Studios, you should know that it’s very well known for their work with major recording artists. Aaron Carter started out at KDS as well as other artists like Justin Timberlake and NSYNC. KDS is a world class recording studio along with dance and choreographers.

Aj has been taking piano lessons now for several months and his guitar lessons began only last year.  You would think that he has been playing for years when you hear and watch him on his music videos.  What’s even more amazing is that his professional vocal lessons only started last year! To say that this boy is a musical prodigy would be an understatement as his natural ability to play just about any musical instrument he picks up is simply astounding!

AJ Christmas Album 300x300


AJ Silva released his first EP this past December titled Acoustic Christmas which was featured here for several months following its release. This Debut EP is a collection of standards like “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” and Billy Gilman’s “Gods Alive and Well”. You can still find it featured here where you will be directed to iTunes.  Or you can also visit his store page on his domain site to learn more about how to acquire it from other online stores.



AJ recently played his first gig at the Hawaiian Grindz in Oviedo, Florida where he accompanied himself on his 814 Taylor Guitar to a very pleased crowd.

Among the songs that he performed for the excited audiance, Aj played his favorite, James Taylor’s, “Fire and Rain”.

While working in the studio on his next cover, AJ was inspired to do a tribute for the late Whitney Houston. After receiving his dad’s approval, Aj began to learn Whitney’s iconic hit “I Will Always Love You”.

 Aj Silva Sings

Watch in total amazement his new video tribute to this truly amazing Diva.  I’m sure that Whitney would be extremely honored could she hear this today!

Congratulations Aj Silva for another example of true vocal excellence in this amazing performance!

Ajsil has done a variety of live USTREAM performances and Twitter Chats over the past few months. I especially enjoy listening to Aj live. These live performances reinforce the fact that Aj sounds just as good live as he does in his studio. If you would like to take part in his live chats, be sure to follow him on Twitter so you don’t miss these scheduled dates and times.

For up to the minute information including special unpublished photos, special offers, and behind the scenes activities join him on Keek!


To learn more about Aj Silva visit:     AJ disappeared from the music scene unexpectedly, many years ago now.  So you won’t find him on any of these original links below. 

I created this TRIBUTE VIDEO which consists of all his original covers that he posted on YouTube many years ago.  I hope you enjoy this half as much as I did creating it for him.   AJ if you stumble upon this be sure you contact me directly on Facebook or email.  I realize that you are 22 or 23 by now but Rivenmaster Promotions is still very interested in finding that you are well, happy and successful in whatever you are doing today!  God bless you buddy!


Aj also wanted me to mention that he has a new Fan Mail Address where his fans can send fan mail!

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