Tyler Layne Paving A Road To Success!

Tyler Layne sit
Tyler Layne

A few weeks back I came across a young artist that caught my attention and just had to find out more about him.  After writing to his parents I am happy to be able to introduce him today!

Tyler Layne is a multi-talented singer, actor and songwriter.  As each year goes by, Tyler seems to capture more and more of the entertainment industry’s attention. This young pop recording artist has teamed up with an impressive roster of music professionals for his Freshman EP (Everlife, Akil Thompson, Dan Needham, Drew Ramsey, and Bob Ebeling).  An early 2011 release has been scheduled for his CD. Tyler loves making music, but his passion is performing for audiences and leaving it all on the stage. Tyler has been described as the kid next door, with quiet confidence, a magnetic personality and an easy sense of humor.  With these traits, Tyler readily connects with audiences of all ages. Tyler has had the opportunity to perform in front of thousands and open for national recording artists.  Tyler’s performance resume is impressive for an artist his age.  Some performance highlights include : opening for Raven Symone,  The Jonas Brothers, performing at the Kelly Clarkson and Cheetah Girls concerts, Mount Trashmore Fourth of July Celebration, Crown’s Sport Center, Sandler Center, Harrison Opera House, Harbor Park, Beach Events 17th Street Stage, Town Center, Beach Street USA, and Six Flags.

Tyler Layne in Cox Commercial
Tyler Layne in Cox Commercial


Tyler who resides in Virginia, USA, has been immersed in music ever since he was very young.  His Mother recalled his first solo being,

“Fishers of Men” at age 5.  “After that, he was hooked, no pun intended”,

she exclaimed.  Tyler sang from sun up until sun down.  His parents said, “Tyler would sing wherever there was a microphone. He was king of Karaoke.”  Understanding that Tyler had a gift and love of music, they began to look for outlets for him to express his talent. By age 7, Tyler was entertaining crowds at festivals and community events.  He also began attending theater camps and caught the eye of  Theater Director, Karen Barba.  Tyler’s stage presence and natural music ability won him lead and principal roles in Main Stage theater Productions.  Tyler’s acting theater credits include The Littlest Angel, Chip in Beauty and the Beast, Peter in  Annabelle Broom and Mowgli in Jungle Book. Some of Tyler’s television credits include Discovery Channel,  A Haunting episodes, Discovery Investigate Channel, Wicked Attractions, MSNBC Documentary,  and Cox Commercial.

"The Haunting" w/ Tyler Layne


Tyler Layne FenceTyler began professional training in piano, voice, and acting at 8 years old.  When Tyler was 10 years old  he impressed the AM 1650 Radio Disney Judges and became one of the youngest members of the pop group RD7.  His experience touring  regionally with Radio Disney fueled the fire inside him to begin recording original music and performing outside of Virginia.

Tyler was a founding member of the group Seven5Seven and Brooke and Tyler. While performing in these groups Tyler began gaining a loyal fan base which continues to follow him today.  The success of these groups led them to be invited to perform at popular events/venues and to be contracted to perform regularly for Family Entertainment.  The group’s remake of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was featured  in a holiday shopping radio commercial which was played on 7 local radio station for two years.  This gained the group Seven5Seven recognition and created a local buzz for the tween  pop artists. Other media opportunities arose such as performing on the local NBC affiliate morning show, and cable  talent shows in Boston, Tennessee and Florida.   Tyler enjoyed the friendships and incredible experiences he had the four years he performed in the groups.  As he looks toward the future as a solo artist, he is excited about creating his own music and memories. In fact, Tyler just recently recorded a brand new song which will be featured on his debut solo EP to be released in the near future!  I am very pleased to offer this exclusive introduction to his new song “Over the World” ! [ti_audio media=”801″] >>

You can also hear Tyler’s new song played on The Skykid.com Radio! Here is one more clip from the Discovery Series “The Haunting” where Tyler played a young man named David.

The_Haunting2-Tyler Layne
The_Haunting Cont.-Tyler Layne

Tyler is set on success, and success is what he has seen so far. What sets Tyler apart from other teen artists is his ability to captivate an audience, his unwavering commitment to his craft and his clear understanding of the work ethic involved to be successful in the business.  Tyler continues to work toward reaching his goals by receiving daily training in acting, voice, theatre and dance at Governor School for the Arts.  With increasing acting credits, professional training and working with some of most prestigious songwriters and producers in the business, Tyler is a star on the rise.

Tyler_Layne_Olive Branch Festival
Tyler_Layne_Olive Branch Festival


Look for Tyler to be performing at a venue near you to promote his new music.  To find out more about Tyler visit: http://www.tylerlayneonline.com for details about live performances, merchandise and the latest news.  Also check back here from time to time for more updates as Tyler Layne paves his road to success!

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  1. Your very welcome Tyler! You can rest assured that I will be watching your career very closely! You have a wonderful voice and I am looking forward to watching you soon in another great film!

  2. Thank you Mr. Rod for the great write up and for your support. I will keep you posted on any breaking news, lol.


  3. Mike,
    Thank you for the words of encouragement. You have been a great friend and have watched me grow and develop over the years. I will be in the studio most of November recording my other songs. Can’t wait for you to hear them. Thanks for referring me to Rod. He did an awesome job on the article.

  4. Thanks Skykid for the nice comments and for playing my song on your show!
    The kind words and support are greatly appreciated.


  5. Of all the young men that have been featured on my site I must admit that Tyler has the largest portfolio of them all! His past experience as an actor and the number of young famous artists that he has opened for is more than just impressive! I know Tyler will continue to do very well and I can’t wait until I hear he has landed a major roll in a motion picture. Aside from that his voice is very pure and his ability to please a crowd speaks loudly about his performance skills! Thanks for playing is song on your radio program I know that he appreciates the extra boost to his new single and for his upcoming EP!

  6. Wow Taylor does have an impressive resume . While reading of the bands Taylor has been at I think that its unfortunate that there are not too many international venues for your talents – so the world about them and their talent whatever its acting , music or dancing can spread outside of the local boundaries. Sadly this is still the case with many European talents and it seems with many US talents as well. Taylor has great singing ability and I hope that he will keep developing his skills and making people happy with his music

  7. I’ve been following Tyler’s career for awhile now and I think he’s one of the best young singers in the business. I can’t wait for his new album, especially after hearing Over The World. I think he’s really going to get noticed by a lot of people after it comes out.

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