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Griffin Tucker

Surfing YouTube is a favorite pastime for me and I’m always excited when I stumble upon a new talent that causes me to take a Double Take.  In the case of Griffin Tucker, it was a full hour of watching all his YouTube videos and searching to find out more about him; and when I did, I just had to share his story with the world!  I was happy when I quickly heard from Griffin’s mom and even more delighted when she agreed to share his story with me.

Griffin Tucker w/Guitar


Griffin Tucker is an 11-year-old emerging artist who eats, sleeps and breathes music. His mother tells me that Griffin’s love for music began at a very young age.  In fact, Griffin says that he remembers loving his still favorite band, The Beatles, when he was just 3 years old!

At age six, he taught himself to play drums by watching his Beatles DVDs and closely studying Ringo Starr.  At age eight, he took a few months of piano lessons and soon mastered that. This led to a new love, the guitar, which was followed by the bass guitar, and of course, singing.  Griffin not only can sing but exhibits a three-octave vocal range with perfect pitch.

His talents are brilliantly demonstrated in his music video, a cover from his favorite band, The Beatles.

Griffin Tucker "Help" Griffin, The One-Man Band Performing “Help”

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