Tyler Layne Paving A Road To Success!

Tyler Layne sit
Tyler Layne

A few weeks back I came across a young artist that caught my attention and just had to find out more about him.  After writing to his parents I am happy to be able to introduce him today!

Tyler Layne is a multi-talented singer, actor and songwriter.  As each year goes by, Tyler seems to capture more and more of the entertainment industry’s attention. This young pop recording artist has teamed up with an impressive roster of music professionals for his Freshman EP (Everlife, Akil Thompson, Dan Needham, Drew Ramsey, and Bob Ebeling).  An early 2011 release has been scheduled for his CD. Tyler loves making music, but his passion is performing for audiences and leaving it all on the stage. Tyler has been described as the kid next door, with quiet confidence, a magnetic personality and an easy sense of humor.  With these traits, Tyler readily connects with audiences of all ages. Tyler has had the opportunity to perform in front of thousands and open for national recording artists.  Tyler’s performance resume is impressive for an artist his age.  Some performance highlights include : opening for Raven Symone,  The Jonas Brothers, performing at the Kelly Clarkson and Cheetah Girls concerts, Mount Trashmore Fourth of July Celebration, Crown’s Sport Center, Sandler Center, Harrison Opera House, Harbor Park, Beach Events 17th Street Stage, Town Center, Beach Street USA, and Six Flags.

Tyler Layne in Cox Commercial
Tyler Layne in Cox Commercial


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Bryan Sevener Actor, Singer, Showman Extraordinaire!


Being a theatrical musical connoisseur and attempting to see as many musical performances as possible, I am always in search of new unfound talent.  It was during one of those searches that I first came across Bryan Sevener on his You-Tube site.  While the video clip I stumbled upon was over 2 years old at the time, I was taken back with the talent of this boy who was playing the lead in one of my favorite musicals of all time “Oliver!”

Some youngsters are just naturally gifted with unique musical ability from birth and I immediately recognized Bryan Sevener as one of these gifted individuals.  His unpolished but natural ability to sing one of the most notable songs in the production made me an instant fan and I have been watching in silence as he has honed his skills over these past two years. Continue reading “Bryan Sevener Actor, Singer, Showman Extraordinaire!”