2Boys, Sam Verlinden, Joshua Flores “Bringing Hope Through Song”

2boys Help themWith all the calamities that have been happening back to back in the world, the true nature of the human heart reveals again how we share each other’s pain and hurts and truly desire to extend a helping hand.

This week’s tribute article features four of our regularly featured artists.  Marcus and Sondre, better known as 2Boys, Sam Verlinden, and Joshua Flores, who were so moved by the devastation around them, that they have produced and recorded songs to bring messages of hope and encouragement!

I asked 2Boys a little about their new song entitled “Help Them” and they gave me the background of what inspired this particular production.

Marcus explained, “Some of our fans on Facebook requested that we create a song about the tsunami and the devastation in Japan. We were in the middle of working on a new single but really wanted to do this.  So putting the current work aside we asked if someone wanted to try sending some lyrics or just a few thoughts about the event.  A girl in our hometown Nina Vabog actually sent us a text that sparked the inspiration needed to write the lyrics for the song.”

Once the lyrics were on paper Marcus fired up their home studio equipment and made a beat in just one evening of work. Three days later the entire project from conception to the final note was completed just in time to perform live at a special concert appearance.  Their dad told me;

“They perhaps would have been safer to perform one of their other songs but this song had become so meaningful to them that they just could not put it aside and desired to sing it to their fans and to the world!”

2Boy’s desire to help make a small difference, if only raising the spirit of others through their song became more important than putting on a picture perfect performance. “Now that’s dedication” Continue reading “2Boys, Sam Verlinden, Joshua Flores “Bringing Hope Through Song””

Sam Verlinden Parachute Performing Perfection!


Sam Verlinden recently attended and performed in the Parachute Festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand on Jan 28th – 31st.  Not only did Sam and his good friend Hannah Elley capture the attention of the crowd but also captured:
Best Debut Artist of Parachute 2011
which awarded them a command performance on the main stage the last day of the event.


Recently, I wrote to Sam and asked him to present us with a behind the scene, blow by blow summary of this year’s festival. He graciously sent me the following report which exceeded last year’s experience in many wonderful ways!




Our 2011 Parachute Adventure by: Sam Verlinden

Our Parachute experience actually started back in Jan 2010 when we attended our very first Parachute. Having heard so much about it over the years we decided to sign up for the rock fest weekend. Traveling with my good friend Hannah and her family, we camped out in tents, caravans, airbeds, and the works.  It was so awesome; we caught the bug to do it again!


Hannah and I both entered “Parachute Got Talent” for some fun. I was happy to get through to the final where I placed runner up.  Following this, I couldn’t walk down the street without being hugged or high-fived or asked for an autograph – it was great!!


samncrowdAnyway, later that year as we watched the Parachute Website start to populate with plans for the 2011 event, we decided to audition for the Best Debut Artist stage.  We pulled together a marketing plan and sent it through.  To our delight we were accepted and invited to perform a 30 minute set on the Debut Artist Stage, “Apollo”.

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