Connor Blackley of Florida 2011 X-Factor Hopeful!

connor blackleyRecently I was overjoyed to hear that Connor Blackly of Florida was awarded a front of the line audition pass for Simon Cowell’s new Talent Show X-Factor which will air this fall on Fox.  Connor was first introduced on this blog more than a year and a half ago and his vocals have become even more pronounced and much deeper.  I have often toted that Connor would someday become a Country Star and he has just won an opportunity to possibly sing for America on this American Idol type show in front of a panel of judges.

Of course we don’t want to get too far ahead of the process as his audition for the show will not take place for another couple of weeks.  However this is one blogger that has more than his fingers crossed for this young artist.

I asked his Mother to present a blow by blow account of how this all came about and she sent me the following letter to share with all of you.

“I was watching TV when I saw on Fox 30 News (a Jacksonville station), that they were having a “X-Factor Front of the Line Pass Contest“. They were conducting  a contest at Latitude 30 (a family type club, w/ a bowling alley, arcade, restaurant, comedy/music theater), and they were going to pick 2 acts to win an all expense paid trip to Dallas for the actual X-Factor auditions, providing them with front of the line passes.


Connor Blackley & Cortnie Frazier

Connor had told me weeks earlier that he wanted to audition for the X-Factor, but the closest one to us, was the Miami audition, and besides the 6 hour drive on a weekday, Connor was previously committed to another engagement, so it didn’t happen. When I told him about the contest, he was very psyched, and said that he wanted to audition with his duet partner, Cortnie Frazier (age 12). I called Cortnie’s grandmother, Lawana, and she said that Cortnie would love to audition with Connor. So we coordinated outfits and the kids decided on the stage name of “C Squared” since their
names both start with “C”. Continue reading “Connor Blackley of Florida 2011 X-Factor Hopeful!”

Connor Blackley Wining Vocalist and Entertainer!

Connor Blackley



T hirteen year old Connor Blackley from Florida, USA, finished last year with high honors capturing three awards at the Orange Blossom Country Music Association competition.  The International (OBCMAI) competition is held each year in the fall and 2010 proved to be a banner year for Connor.

Connor was awarded first place for Male Vocalist and Male Entertainer of the Year in New Country (age 13 to 17), and also captured first place for mixed duet New Country with his friend Cortnie Frazier (age 12).   With these wins under his belt he is automatically eligible to compete this coming March in the North American Country Music Association, International (NACMAI) in Pigeon Forge, TN.


There has never been a doubt in my mind that Connor Blackley is a winner! Since the first time I watched this young man perform I knew he had the it factor!  His natural talent and ability to connect with his audience, regardless of size is inspirational. Connor not only continues to have a good voice but is a real crowd-pleaser. Continue reading “Connor Blackley Wining Vocalist and Entertainer!”