Tallan Noble Latz on top of his game & Headed for Fame!

Tallan Noble Latz is most likely the youngest most talented blues guitarists in the world! Tallan only 10 years old is already a well known name among famous guitarists and has performed with some of the greats. This is one young man that has to be seen and heard to be believed!

WIStateFair1 8-09Of all the young artists that grace this site I believe Tallan Latz to be one of the most talented young showman that I have ever witness perform.  I think my being a native of the Upper Peninsula has also given me an overwhelming joy to know that this youngster with such outstanding talent was born and now resides close to where I use to live.

Talan’s last article appeared here on  February 19th announcing his winning of the WAMI Rising Star Award for 2010. Since that time, Tallan has been performing for a number of benefits for children with cancer, trying to raise awareness and money.  If you have not yet heard Tallan play and sing your in for a very special exclusive treat!!

** Listen now as Tallan perform his original hit: Journey Man!

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Tallan Latz Nominated for WAMI Award! “Rising Star of the Year!”

Tallan Latz Plays
Tallan Latz Plays

When I first introduced Tallan Latz here at Rivenmaster’s Place back in December, I knew that this kid was going to be more than an outstanding showman and guitar playing genius!  Tallan Latz has been making more than ripples in the pool of talented young musicians. He’s been creating Tidal Waves in the ocean of success!

Recently Tallan received endorsement deals with PRS Guitars, Shure Microphones, Ultrasone Headphones and Mogami Cables. And if that’s not big enough news about this young 10 year old musician, Tallan was just nominated for a WAMI Awards for Rising Star of the year.

WAMI is Wisconsin’s equalvent to the Grammys. So kind of a big deal expecailly since it is usually adults up for these awards.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tallan deserves more than a nomination as he truly is a sensational young guitarist and blues vocalist.  Nothing will surprise me what comes from all this, in fact in about 6 years we could be looking at our next American Idol!  I think it’s about time that that show got a talented Blues / Rocker!

This boy can bring it all!
Watch this video in amazement as Tallan does his rendition of Voodoo Child which was shot on Nov 27th, 2009 at BB King’s in Times Square for the Jimi Hendrix’s 67th Birthday Celebration.

Be watching here in the near future as we bring you more updates from Tallan’s camp about all the fantastic people he has been meeting and the outstanding performances he had been doing! Keep kicking it Tallan cause were all watching!
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