Sam’s the Man at WonderWorld TV Contest

Sam Verlinden with guitarSam is currently in 1st place with 48,000 votes for his music video entry “I’ll Be There” by Michael Jackson. At the time of this blog entry there were roughly 15 hours left for this leg of voting so with your help Sam should capture this win by tomorrow.
His other videos have not moved much since our last blog. However, this is fine as WonderWorld will only allow one win per month in order to give everyone an equal opportunity.  What will be interesting, is to see which one will prove to be the favorite for next month.  The MJ tribute is one of my favorites because, recording at home, without the aid of a lot of sound equipment, Sam’s pure and controlled voice really shows forth.
Here are the links once more for your voting convenience.

DON’T FORGET TO CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR HIS ALL IMPORTANT RIBBY NOMINATED VIDEO TOO. HE WILL NEED LOTS OF VOTES IN ORDER TO CAPTURE THIS WIN! He currently has only 74,250 and this needs to more than double.  Ok fans it’s time to do your part!

Be watching for an exclusive blog which will be coming up very shortly.  I will be posting Sam’s solo performance of last nights production of “Tommy the Musical”.  Sam has been just sensational the last few shows with his voice sounding better than ever!  You won’t want to miss this post. Also upcoming will be an interview with director James Wenley and Sam along with some behind the scenes photos.