Sam Verlinden & Jordan Jansen Golden Ribby Nominee’s

Sam and Jordan

Sam Verlinden & Jordan Jansen have both been named as Golden Ribby Nominees in the WonderWorld TV Contest.  When a contest entrant has a winning entry they are moved into the Golden Ribby Catagory.  This status gives both Sam and Jordan a chance at $10,000, and possibly a WonderWorld Entertainment contract!

Both of these young men are fabulous and deserve this award.
Sam who is from New Zealand and Jordan from Australia are friends and often share hopes and dreams with each other.

Sam’s winning entry was “Who’s loven You” by Michael Jackson.
Jordan’s winning entry was “Hallelujah” originally written by Leonard Cohen

You can and should continue to vote for both of these fine performers.  The final award date has not yet been set but don’t hessitate to cast your votes often.  You can vote as much as you like. EVERY VOTE COUNTS.
Jordan currently has 143,320 votes for “Hallelujah” while Sam has 73,735 votes for his winning entry “Who’s loven You”.

As reported yesterday, Sam currently has four new entries that are running in the competition.

The other entries are as follows:

In 32nd Place “Ben” Television performance

Vote Daily and Vote Often.

Also don’t forget to continue to vote for Jordan at Soundcheck.  He has been doing fantastic with 3,190 votes and a substantial lead, but don’t Stop!
Both boys are grateful for your support in these contests!