Oliver Reheasals in Full Swing!

Oliver rehearsals are rolling right along, getting ready for Opening Day which is exactly two weeks away!
Knowing how busy Sam’s been lately, with going back to school and extra curricular activities like rugby and band practice. You would wonder where he finds time for yet another nearly Broadway production!

While Sam does not have the lead roll as he did in Tommy, he will be bringing what he does best to this production, his SINGING EXCELLENCE!  Sam has been singing since a very young age, and it’s because of that natural ability that Sam can’t sit on the sidelines for long.  Whether it be rugby or musical drama Sam will always be seen in the midst of it, giving his all for every performance.

Sam has announced the dates that he will be performing including opening night.
The dates are as follows:
Saturday 31 6pm Opening night, Tuesday 3rd Nov
Thursday 5th Nov, Saturday 7th Nov matinee
Sunday 8th Nov matinee, Wednesday 11th Nov
Friday 13th Nov, Saturday 14th Nov evening
Tuesday 17th Nov, Thursday 19th matinee
Saturday 21st matinee
Sunday 22nd matinee
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