No rest for the Talented! Sam Verlinden & Jordan Jansen

Sam Verlinden at home

What can I say? This guy never rests! If I had just finished performing nearly every night in a musical, singing until my voice was raw, looking into bright lights and sweating with heavy costuming, while fighting off the headache that usually comes from lack of rest for over three weeks, I’d be ready for a vacation. But then, I’m not                                 Twelve year old Sam Verlinden!

Not only has Sam been doing “Tommy the Musical” for over a month but last week started rehearsing for his next stage performance in “Oliver”. Whew! I’m getting tired just writing this!
♫ More Great News!    ♫
Sam also took First Place at WonderWorld TV last week with his entry for “I’ll be There”.  He now has two Golden Ribby Award entries to to vote for.
  1. I’ll be There with 52,075 current votes
  2. Who’s loven you with 74,255 current votes

Two is always better than one however the fans will have to be smart and pick their favorite in order for Sam to capture this ultimate prize!  He will need to triple these votes. Don’t forget, you can continue to vote as many times as you like everyday. The award date has still not been set so don’t waste any time with your voting.

Sam’s remaining video entries are currently on HOLD but you can still vote for your next favorite to win.
The HOLD is only temporary as has been explained before. So Vote now Vote Five!
“Ben” Television performance
“Ben the Tribute”, dedicated to Michael Jackson
“I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly


Jordan is still holding a substantial lead for First Place with his contest entry at Soundcheck. The contest is in round Eight and he has 1,671 votes currently. But don’t stop because Jordan has the Music in him and deserves this WIN!

Also don’t forget to vote for Jordan’s Golden Ribby Award song: “Hallelujah”