Marco Konegger Austria’s Ardent Vocalist

Marco Konegger
Marco Konegger


What makes for a winning personality? What causes some young boys to overcome challenges and rise from obscurity to a place of notoriety or fame? What gives a youth the determination to go on and pursue hopes and dreams that seem to be just out of reach. You may think it would be a great host of family encouragement or being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Or maybe enjoy the very best that a childhood could offer. But this is not the case with today’s featured young artist.

Fourteen year old Marco Konegger from Spittal an der Drau, Austria was a young boy living at home alone with his Mother. While this scenario has become all too common in the world, it does not make it any easier for those who have had this as part of their childhood experience.

But all this changed one day after meeting a man who not only was a kind individual and teacher, but also a songwriter of children’s songs. At the young age of nine Marco auditioned for Ronald Baj, singing two songs “Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer” and “Ich bau dir ein Schloss”.

Marco Konegger

This began a whole new adventure for Marco. Not only were his videos and songs a big hit on YouTube but he soon began to catch the attention of many in his home town and soon the whole country. In addition to this good fortune Marco not only won over the Teacher/Songwriter as his manager, but also as his Step Father, which ended his search for a man whom he could call Dad!

Marco Konegger 1By 2008 Marco’s singing ability continued to improve and he along with his best friend at that time, Duri Krasniqi were invited to perform in the Super Talent contest. In Kronezircus in Munich, Marco reached the quarter-finals with his first public appearance. This is quite the achievement and while he did not win that contest Marco won the hearts of Millions of YouTube viewers with his many creative and entertaining music videos.

In 2009 Marco appeared on with his song “I’m so fond of the beautiful Lake Wörthersee” and captured 3rd Place in their annual chart rankings right behind Superstar Semino Rossi.

On the website of the music publisher Krefeld,  five of Marco’s titles reached first place and on, Marco finished second in the weekly ratings  with six of his songs placing 1st to 6th position from September until the end of the year.  Unfortunately, this website is now closed. However if you do a search for Marco on Google you will find dozens of links for his music videos appearing on numerous sites.

One of the first songs that I heard Marco sing was a song made famous by Elvis Presley, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”.  One of the last songs, before today was his cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon.  I offer both of these here so you can see just how much Marco’s voice has matured since his days as a young treble singer.  You are going to be enchanted by both, but I know you will be impressed with his new found vocal ability!

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In 2010 he was in the preliminary round of the Austrian 18th Grand Prix with the title “Kiss me, Mary, Mary, kiss me”. Unfortunately, it was decided not to allow children in the final  after a very successful stage show with his dance partner Katrin.

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A little about Marco:

marcokoneggerMarco and his family reside in Spittal/Drau, Carinthia. In Austria and even in  his hometown Marco’s talent is still obscurely hidden and he lives his everyday life just as any other fourteen year old boy. But like Justin Bieber who seemingly appeared out of nowhere or Greyson Chance who came from the small town of Edmond Oklahoma, the right song falling upon the right ears is all that is needed for an aspiring young vocalist.

Marco especially likes to be around his friends and enjoys participating in a variety of sports. He prefers snowboarding in the winter and swimming in the summer, but also enjoys mountain biking or skateboarding. Not unlike most teenagers in the world Marco also enjoys playing computer games.  His favorite food is a typical Austian food: Wiener Schnitzel and his favorite drink is Coke.

Thus far Marco has not specialised in a particular genre of music but enjoys singing various music styles and especially enjoys English and American Pop songs. The songs produced on his albums were written and composed by his step father, Ronald Baj, who mainly composes songs with a German beat.

Marco has many favorite vocal artists but endeavors to perfect his own style not allowing too much influence from others to affect his own artistry. He also strives to just be himself on stage during his performances. While he has yet to learn to play any musical instruments his greatest love is singing and hopes someday to have a career as a professional singer.

Marco is currently visiting Fritz Strobl schoolcentre which offers special training in sports and music. The school is named after Fritz Strobl, a famous Olympic skiing champion for Austria who often visits.

Here is Marco’s latest video with his new friend Joachim Bischoff who also has an amazing voice.Marco also shows his comedic side on this new video keeping true to form bringing us all a huge smile as he clowns for the camera!

Marco Konegger

For more about Marco you can visit:

bluedivider“I for one have enjoyed watching Marco over the years. Being from the US it’s refreshing to hear boys sing in their native tongue and represent their county with it’s own unique style of music.

Whatever happens with Marco’s career in the future you can bet that it will be good.  He is not only a talented singer and actor but has a charming disposition and personality that shows through in each and every video that he has shared with the world since age nine!

Thank you Marco for appearing here on Rivenmaster’s Place and for letting me tell a bit more of your story!  Keep singing and sharing your joy for music with the world because no value can be placed on the joy that you have brought Millions of viewers over the years.  I wish you the very best of success both now and in the immediate future!”


Marco Konegger, Rivenmaster