JorJay Extraordinarily Entertaining, Extremely Talented Twins

Jayden and Jordan Besana on stage
Jayden and Jordan Besana “JorJay”


Jordan and Jayden Besana 2013


It’s not every day that you discover twins that are as entertaining and talented as 8-year old fraternal twin brothers, Jordan and Jayden Besana, better known as JorJay”. These two boys are multi-talented actors and singers, as well as an extremely funny stand-up comedy duo!   I’m told that from the first time, this DOUBLE TROUBLE made a surprised appearance on the sonogram monitor and the doctor yelled,

“You’re having twins!”

Jordan and Jayden have continued to SHOCK their parents in many positive ways. 



Because their parents own a video camera and used it constantly to shoot videos of the twins, the boys became comfortable being in front of the camera at a very young age.  At age three, their parents started shooting commercials and skits as a fun family activity.  The boys were very natural, great at memorization and took direction well.   They also loved seeing themselves on television, laughing and making fun of each other.  Seeing their potential, their parents decided to enroll them into an acting class in Los Angeles at age seven.  The acting class really propelled the boys into becoming up and coming young actors in Hollywood.    


JorJay sings TitaniumJordan and Jaden sing “Titanium” by David Guetta ft. Sia

Jordan BesanaOne downside of both boys acting is that most of the time they compete for the same roles.  Although they have no problem competing with each other, they do hate working without the other.  They are so close that they don’t have as much fun on set if the other one is not there. 

Nevertheless, they try their best! 

Jayden BesanaJayden was cast as one of the lead characters in an independent film called, R.A.D.I.C.A.L.S., and Jordan booked a principal role in a national commercial.  Their most recent booking is a role in an independent film called, DISPLACEMENT, by an award winning writer/director, Kenneth Mader.  They will be filming their scene this month and this time the director made sure the boys are playing twins.  



Although acting was the first artistic endeavor the boys were exposed to professionally, music has always been a big part of their lives.  Even before the boys could walk, they gravitated towards music, wiggling and humming happily to songs of Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson. 

JorJay Sings Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are"Jayden and Jorden sing Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”

As a third generation Polish and Filipino-American family, the boys were constantly exposed to Karaoke parties where most of the family members went up and sang a song.  In fact, some family members are known to hog the microphone.  It was truly a favorite pass time for the whole family where music brought happiness and laughter.  In addition, the boys grew up watching American Idol, The X Factor, and The Voice, as these shows were always recorded and viewed in the household.  In the summer of 2012, the boys started taking voice lessons at home.  It was a good introduction to breathing and singing kiddie songs like Yellow Submarine, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Your Boat, Do-Re-Mi and many others.  Later, the boys saw YouTube videos of other kids singing popular songs they hear on the radio.  They wanted to do the same and that’s when they decided to start singing cover songs on YouTube.  Their favorite singers are Bruno Mars, Adam Levine, Michael Jackson, and Journey’s front man, Arnel Pineda.

God Bless The USA JorJay Jayden and Jordan pay tribute to America in “God Bless The USA”


Jordan and Jayden started performing at the infamous Hollywood Improv in February 2012, when they were only 7 years old, as part of the Standing Tall Kids & Teens Comedy Show.  The show was created by Collette Craan and directed by Joey Paul Jensen.  When the twins were first approached to be a part of this show, their parents were not convinced this was something the boys could or would do. 

“We just couldn’t picture the boys doing stand-up comedy.  It’s a scary thought!” their dad said. 

After attending the kids comedy show twice and seeing their friends on stage at the Improv, the boys actually said,

“We’re gonna do stand-up comedy, too.” 

When the boys said they wanted to try it, the rest was history! 


Jayden and Jordan Besana on stageJordan and Jayden Perform Live at Hollywood Improv

The process of doing their first stand-up comedy was not easy.  Most of the older kids wrote their own comedy, but at age 7, there is no way the boys can do the same thing.  Based on 3-page questionnaire about the boys’ life and interests, a comedy writer and their mom helped write the first draft of their stand up act. 

Jordan_and Jayden Besana
Jordan and Jayden Besana

The boys memorized the script and later performed it in front of a panel consisting of comedy writers.  The comedy writers are experienced industry professionals from such shows as Jay Leno, Seinfeld, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc…  These writers make changes to the first draft and the boys’ performance.  Thereafter, another set of writers evaluate the boys’ performance and make new adjustments as needed.  Overall, the boys perform their stand up at least 3 times in front of different panels, then a final run through before the show.  It gets hectic, but the boys are pros.  They never complain!  The boys used to get nervous before the show, but now they are comfortable!  Their last stand up show was June 2013 and they blew the audience away!   Even though the boys are one of the youngest acts in the show, they are one of the cutest and most unique acts.  Their parents are completely taken aback at the boys’ overall progress and will never doubt their abilities again!  The boys have shown time and time again they can do anything they put their minds into and believe nothing is impossible!

JorJayslatestimprovperformanceWatch JorJay’s Latest Performance at LA ImprovJune 2013

Outside of acting, singing, and stand-up comedy, the boys take Kung Fu, hip-hop and piano.  They are also very good in math and sports.  They love watching American Ninja Warrior.  They recently bought a pull-up bar, with their own money, so they can work on their upper body strength.  They love playing video games, watching Sponge Bob or Pokemon, and spending quality time with family.  These kids are very busy and they hope one day, to be in a television show where they could expose all their abilities and talents.

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I have no doubt we will be seeing much more of JorJay!  These two boys with personality galore are destined for greatness!  You can count on Rivenmaster’s Place to be watching as these guys rocket to success!

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