Jordan Jansen Continues to Shines

Jordan Sand
Jordan Sand

Jordan Jansen just keeps astounding with yet another great performance and song selection showing just how wide and pure his vocal range is.

His ability to keep perfect pitch when projecting his upper register is more than exhilarating.
Listening to Jordan makes you feel as though you were listening to a performer that has had years of number one hits already behind him.
If you have not yet joined the thousands following this young man’s career then you have been missing out! Not just on a You-Tube sensation but on a soon to be world renown star.
Last week Jordan launched yet another SoundCheck video in the competition.  He has remained a strong leader with his first entree “Far Away” which is still in 1st place with a total of 3,049 votes at the time of this blog entry.  His new entree, “I’m Your’s”, is not only the most watched video but also ranking first place.  If this does not prove exactly how powerfully talented and brilliant this young man is then nothing ever will.
After voting using the links on today’s blog be sure to visit Jordan on his You-Tube channel or his domain site.  You can also find Jordan on Facebook.
Jordan we are so proud of your performances and especially your ability to stay on top with your Soundcheck entries!
We are forever a fan and supporter and honored to have you featured here on Rivenmaster’s Place week after week!               Rivenmaster