Jeans Boys Russia’s Charming Musical Duo

Misha & Vlad
Jeans Boys (Misha & Vlad)

In June 2013 two boys from Moscow who are both fans of the video game Minecraft, met each other while playing online. With parental permission they agreed to meet in the park to roller skate together. During that real life meeting they learned that their virtual names (Karalla and Mishgun) were actually Vlad and Misha.

Even more interesting was the fact that the boys turned out to be the same age, both 10 years old and only two months apart. With the beginning of the new school year they soon learned that they were both about to enter the same grade only in different schools located in different parts of Moscow. At that first meeting they did not share the fact that they both attended music schools.  Both boys were learning to play musical instruments Vlad learning accordion while Misha taking piano lessons.


In addition to accordion lessons, Vlad is also enrolled in piano lessons, choir, and orchestra.  Vlad is described as being a lively child who is extremely active in school. He often is seated up front in his class so he will not be easily distracted.  

He is reported to be an excellent student taking his studies very seriously.  He is an early riser waking up each morning at 7:30 a.m., extremely independent, preparing his own breakfast each morning before school.

Vlad does not like tomato juice and tomatoes, but ironically loves gazpacho, a tomato based soup.  He dislikes mushrooms but is very fond of cocoa and peach juice.  Like most men he also enjoys meat and adores his Grandmother’s Russian borscht.

Vlad has three aquariums in his home.  He has one 400 liter tank with large fish, a second 60 liter tank with small fish and a third tank which contains shrimp.


Misha on the other hand would much prefer to sleep in, not at all being an early morning person.  He too is reported to be a good student and quite a computer expert for his age, having owned a computer now for 5 years.  It’s Misha who is the first to tell Vlad about a new computer game and is very quick to learn and pick up new gaming skills. Like Misha he is also very musically talented and has been faithful in his piano lessons for over 7 years.

Misha loves Coca Cola but his parents have chosen to restrict this from his diet. Misha is also not a big fan of McDonalds and prefers not to eat fish.  However, unlike Vlad, he really enjoys all sorts of exotic salads and seafood.

Since the boys have now become the best of friends in both their online play and in real life, their parents came to the general conclusion to turn virtual games into real ones. Thus their musical adventure began and “Jeans Boys was born.

In the summer of 2013 Jeans Boys first songs were recorded at the studio. Production managers Andrey Balashov and Sergey Grushevsky described the songs as;

“naughty, funny and cheerful just as the boys themselves.”

Vlad and Misha soon were introduced to some fresh faces represented by adults who hadn’t forgotten their childhood who also joined the project…

 In August of 2013, their music video for the song “Zamri! Otomri!” was filmed and debuted on YouTube.  Currently this video enjoys over 1 million views and continues to climb in popularity.

Vlad&Misha JeansBoys Video Замри! Отомри!Watch the boys entertaining music video “Zamri! Otomri!

This past fall the record label “Quadro Disc” and Studio “Music of the Sun” (Muzyka Solntsa) prepared a real gift for the kids and their parents – the debut album “Zamri! Otomri!”. The album was released on CD as well as on iTunes.

It’s not often that new songs for children are included not only in music programs for kindergartens, schools and children camps, but also can be downloaded into electronic gadgets of young boys and girls.  The album, all in the Russian language, is playful, cheerful, dreamy, sincere and charming!  Even if you do not understand Russian, you will enjoy the bouncy creative and exciting tunes from the boys!

Listening to Jeans Boys songs you can see them as good friends, tireless dreamers, pranksters and surely somewhat similar to your own children, grandchildren and nephews.

Misha and Vlad maintain a very busy daily schedule. In addition to their regular studies and musical pursuits, they continue with their attendance at the music schools, regularly visit the swimming pool at a sports facility and also have become very good soccer players. They also study English three times a week which they began at just 6 years of age.

Because there is no school on the weekends they often enjoy Saturday and Sunday together. They especially enjoy attending the Cinema or Theater, playing outside in the back yard or like most boys their age; will challenge each other to a video game on X-Box.  For a weekend treat Vlad will sometimes mix together a milk cocktail in a blender with various sweet fillings. However their time for gaming or play often gives place to frequent performances which usually takes place on the weekend. 

Regardless the boys are enjoying life to the fullest and prove just how much fun they are having in every live performance they give.

Due to their music, Jeans Boys have been able to meet a lot of talented kids from all over the world. Recently they met Gaitway Brothers the music duo from Scotland and became good friends with them. They have already had their first experience of recording a song together in English which is called “The Secret”.

JEANS BOYS - GAITWAY BROSListen to their new colab then visit them on their websites!

The lyrics to this song are quite extraordinary and due to the catchy tune and great beat you may get caught up in the music and miss the lyrics. I offer them below so you can read along as you play the video above!

When I’m feeling alone and my friends have all gone
And I find it so hard to be strong
Still a voice deep inside brings a joy I can’t hide
Rising up like the beat of a song
Then the words say ‘you don’t have to worry’
And the tune fills my heart with new courage
So I stand tall and proud
And I sing out clear and loud:


la la la la, lala la la, lalala la la la la la…


Sometimes times can be hard and the past leaves its scars
And the journey ahead seems so far
Still I search for a way and the right words to say
As I stumble once more through the day
Then the words say ‘you don’t have to worry’
And the tune fills my heart with new courage
As I smile through the pain
And I lift my voice again:


la la la la, lala la la, lalala la la la la la…


Then the words say ‘you don’t have to worry’
And the tune fills my heart with new courage
As I smile through the day
And I sing for you again:
la la la la, lala la la, lalala la la la la la…


Gold bar
I have no doubt that these boys will continue to grow in demand in Moscow and with their new music offerings in English, they now have potential to break into international markets.  The market is wide open and always in demand for fun music designed for preschool  through grade school age children. 

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