Connor Blackley “You don’t wanna miss a thing!”

Connor Blackley from Florida is the new young Country Singer to keep your eyes and ears pealed for! His outstanding award winning performances more than prove his ability to shine as America’s youngest new star!

Connor Blackley performing at a local Taste of the Island Festival.

Conner Blackley was first introduced here at Rivenmaster’s Place on January 13, 2010.
Since that time Connor has only continued to improve and his voice has become even richer while still maintaining a fantastic upper register which literally can
Fly Me To The Moon !

The school year has been a busy time for Connor, but he is busting out his summer wings getting ready to fly into performances and competitions which begin as early as this weekend  at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival’s “Generation Next Youth Jazz Competition”.
The competition is for singers and musicians (ages 7 to 21). Last year Connor was the 2nd youngest in the competition and came in 3rd place (he was the highest placing vocalist). Connor is hoping to snag 1st place year and use the $1000 prize towards guitar lessons.

Connor has many opportunities to show is wonderful singing abilities around sunny Florida and is often asked to sing for sport events. In this picture Connor is singing the National Anthem for the Jacksonville Suns at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville. In addition to this performance, Connor will also be singing the National Anthem for 2 of USSSA Pride’s (Professional Fast pitch Softball team) games in Orlando, the first one being on June 5th and the second in July. Connor does our Country proud for each and every performance!
This is one young man who lives life to the fullest and enjoys every moment he has to make others happy as he sings.



Listen to another new recording by Connor, a Tim McGraw song; Live Like you were dying” “Live like you were dying”

Recently I asked Connor a few questions for which he gave me the following answers.

Rivenmaster: What is your greatest ambition right now?
Connor: To become a professional singer!
Rivenmaster: Who would you like to sing with if you could sing with anybody?
Connor: That’s a hard question….Brad Paisley. Jon Bon Jovi.
Rivenmaster: What is your most memorable experience so far in your career as a singer?
Connor: Working with Cirque du Soleil in Vegas on the Viva Elvis show.
Rivenmaster: What person in your life is the most inspirational to you?
Connor: My Mom!
Rivenmaster: Who is your Hero?
Connor: I have lots of hero’s: my parents, teachers….but I have to include our military fighting overseas.
Rivenmaster: Do you consider Country Music your favorite choice in music? What other genres do you enjoy if any?
Connor: I really enjoy Country but I love all kinds of music: Jazz, Rock, Oldies, and Christian….all of it.
Rivenmaster: If you could meet any recording artist who would you like to meet?
Connor: There are so many I’d like to meet! Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Usher, Michael Buble.
Rivenmaster: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Connor: Hopefully I will have my own songs playing on the radio and be on tour.

Connor Blackley Jazz Fest 2009

Connor’ school (Lavilla School of the Arts) recently held their end of the year banquet and awards dinner and Connor received 2 medals: one for receiving Superior on his Italian Art song at Solofest in March, and the other for his chorus receiving Superior at the MPA’s earlier in the year.

What else can I add about Connor other than to say that this is one young man who I will have my eye on for several years to come and “I Don’t wanna miss a thing” that this boy records because I for one just can’t get enough!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I've been so busy with theatre camp that I haven't been to this site in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for your comment! I really appreciate it.

  2. What a wonderful comment and so right you are! Connor is a very unique talent that does not come along every day! Since the first time I met this boy I knew he was a rising star in the making! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. I assure you that it is very much appreciated by both myself and Connor and it will not surprise me that you hear directly from him in regards to your wonderful complements!

  3. Dont wanna miss a thing – performed by Connor Blackeley

    The track “Dont wanna miss a thing” is a chart maker, this unknown singer is headed somewhere, and he knows exactly what he wants in life. Excellence of Performance should be his watchword in life, with perseverance he will become a star someday, and be in the limelight.

    Conner Blackeley I hope you win the competition at Jacksonville for all the joy you have given us with your singing the song “Don’t wanna miss a thing”, because if you don’t — it’s not your lost, but ours, because you have the voice of a real chart maker.

  4. Thanks for the comments Sam & Dylan. You guys are awesome =)

  5. Thanks as usual your always very complementary! I did do one other interview article but I gave that one to you. Mississippi Music Madness. But your right first one posted here. I'm sure it will not be the last as I have several lined up! Just waiting for them to get back to me!

  6. Yes ….yes the first interview at and it is for an artist I deeply recpect . I really hope that Connor will win first prize at the Generation Next Youth Jazz Competition and will keep my fingress crossed for him. I love how he answered on your question about his hero – his parents are very lucky to have a son like that. Thank you for this amazing update Rod.

    Bravo Connor !

  7. Thank you Sam and Bronwyn for commenting! Connor is a great young talent and I'm sure we will be seeing great things from him now and in the immediate future! I really love your new YouTube Channel look! Your one handsome and talented dude Sam!

  8. Thanks for your comment Dylan! I really like this song by Connor as well! I really appreciate your time that you take to be so responsive to all my postings and I'm looking forward to your next song and update right here on the blog!

  9. Cool article Connor – it's great to hear all about you.
    You've got an awesome talent, and we really like I don't wanna miss a thing too.
    Keep up all your hard work and thanks (again) Rod for supporting all our young talent.
    Bronwyn & Sam from New Zealand

  10. Nice Conner. I really like I don't wanna miss a thing. Great job.

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