International Interest Growing for Norways 2Boys!

2Boys were first introduced here on July 24th , quickly followed up with an exclusive interview at [button_round color=”blue” url=””] The [/button_round]the following month.

2Boys 11-2010.
Since that time, the boys have been extremely busy with concerts, gigs, radio and TV interviews, autograph signings, publicity photo and video shoots, among other exciting opportunities for singing and performing in front of their admiring fans. Only now are they getting back into the swing of school and relaxing a bit from their very busy summer schedule.

2Boys CDTheir debut CD has done exceptionally well with sales continuing to grow. International reception has been phenomenal! In fact their physical CD is appearing in places like Brazil, Russia, and Mexico and as far away as Asia. Their mp3 versions of their CD and single songs on I-Tunes, continues to increase and is being downloaded from every part of the globe. I was just informed that even ringtones in Vietnam and China have been observed. In less than a year, these two boys (2Boys) have virtually come from being local youngsters to worldwide singing stars!

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2Boys, Wright Kids, & Anthony G interviews announced!

Grand Rapids, MI

Like everyone, I too enjoy a vacation from normal activities but then again my life is not what most would consider normal. However, when I do break away from my routines my time spent is never what one would consider relaxing, as it always includes some extracurricular and exciting activities.  This past week, while enjoying fun filled activities right here in the Grand Rapids area with, family and friends I also completed two long awaited and very exciting interviews with “2Boys” from Norway and “The Wright Kids”.  You may ask how do you accomplish that?  Well it’s just a matter of juggling Church picnics, Family outings, Radio and Television station tours, phone calls, expected and unexpected company, and last but not least authoring time.


That’s why this week you have this unique article instead of  the single special feature that you are accustom to reading every week.  I make no apologies for this, as I have some great news within this article to share with you that will give you plenty to read today and much more to look forward to in the next few weeks both here and at The Site.

2Boys from Norway were especially delightful to interview.  You can find my exclusive interview article  published on


The site both in English and Norwegian. I’m publishing this article today to let you know that that interview will be aired for the first time this Sunday at 3:00 P.M. New York Time on The Radio program.  Since my introductory article just one month ago the boys have been busy doing concerts, television appearances, and nightly gigs at one of Norway’s largest Hotels.  I’m not sure just where or when this excitement will end for them, but I’m hoping that somehow through this blog, they will receive an invitation to appear here in the United States which would give them an even greater audience of young fans who I know would love their unique upbeat sound with perfect harmony blends.

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