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alanwheelerprofileA few weeks ago while sailing the ocean of talent on YouTube my search came to rest upon a young talent from Mexico that really captured my attention.  Not only did he sing in his beautiful native Spanish language, but also was featuring some amazing upbeat original pop songs sung in perfect English. I was very impressed with his ability to cross over the language barrier so effortlessly and with his crystal clear vocals which were both exciting and entertaining.

In addition to his extraordinary singing ability he also plays the guitar and demonstrates a charismatic personality.  This boy truly has the whole package to become a teen idol not just in Mexico but internationally.  With his charming looks, outgoing personality, confidant and strong ability to perform both on and off camera, makes Alan Wheeler a true talent to be reckoned with!

It is my privilege to introduce him for the very first time here at Rivenmaster’s Place and on the Radio.  His music is already being played there so if you have not heard him yet be sure you tune in there once you have finished this article.alanwheelerhoodie

Alan’s Dad shared with me that Alan has been singing since the day he was born!  He exclaimed;

“He came into the world singing and everyone commented (with his lungs he would be a great singer some day).”

Alan began attending talent academies from the age of 2, and appeared in every one of their periodic festivals.  He currently is studying at his mother’s academy in Monterrey Mexico “TV Arte”, as well as working on his singing career.

Alan has been in TV and Print ads from the time he could walk as well as Fashion Shows “Runway” modeling for local businesses and expos.

Some of the companies that he has made TV commercials include National Shoe Stores and Toy Stores.  His TV Ads have appeared on all the major Networks in Mexico.

Alan began performing in a youth musical group when he was 7 going on 8 yearuppisrs old. The RUPPIS, recorded and broadcast 52 weekly episodes of their own sitcom – (ala The Partridge Family meets the Brady Bunch and the Monkeys) The program was transmitted on the TV Network Multimedios across the north of Mexico and the Valley of Texas, as well as on cable across all Mexico, reaching Monterrey, Guadalajara, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Chihuahua, Tijuana and many other cities.  They also recorded a CD that was very popular in Monterrey.

Additionally the RUPPIS had appearances in all the local malls, and worked with a local amusement company – produced TV commercials for it and participated in its presentations in the annual Easter, Christmas and The Day of the Child.  Their highlight was when they opened the concert for TATIANA when she brought her show to Monterrey. Their opening was 3 songs in front of approximately 15,000 fans.  Their intervention was very well received and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in such an important event.  That same day, the group also opened and closed the 40th anniversary celebration program for the Local Television Network Multimedios TV, singing their station identification jingle, and that same year the channel’s Christmas jingle was also sung by the RUPPIS.

Alan on ruppis4 thumbAlan on ruppis3thumbAlan on ruppis2 thumb

You can see more of their videos by visiting their YouTube Channel.

When the members of the group began to mature and develop other interests, the group broke up, but Alan never lost the “bug” to sing professionally.

Wheeler2With the undying support of his parents to keep his dream alive to sing professionally, Alan had all the encouragement he needed to push forward. He began working on his debut CD  before the RUPPIS sang their last performance and the compilation became a reality early last fall.  The CD is available on and on iTunes!

Alan has presence on Facebook, Twitter , MySpace as well as a brand new Domain Site. While his domain is still a work in progress, it’s already a pleasure to visit with information starting to flood it’s pages. Alan holds weekly USTREAM broadcasts, every Friday night at 8 PM Central Time reaching fans from all over the world – including Bulgaria, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and of course the US and Mexico.

Alan as a soloist has had 10 concert presentations in different locations in the Monterrey area including the Mexican Bicentennial Celebrations in San Pedro

Garza Garcia and Monterrey, opening for popular artists such as Jesse y Joy and Cepillin. He has also made over 20 showcase presentations in local malls.Wheeler1

Alan has been the subject of two articles in the EL NORTE newspaper (the most important newspaper in Mexico with the most circulation of any paper in the country), one on November 21, 2009 on page 16 of the GENTE section; and on October 23, 2010, also on page 16 of the GENTE section when he announced the publication of his CD.  He has been interviewed and has made appearances on all the 3 principal Television networks in Monterrey promoting the CD as well as on several of the most influential radio stations in the area.  Many of the interviews were recorded and have been published on Alan’s YouTube Channel as have segments of many of his concert presentations.

Alan is currently working on songs to be include in a 2nd CD for which his rapidly growing number of fans anxiously await.  It has not yet been announced when this may be released, but I can assure you that I will announce it here and provide links to how you can obtain your copy.

Alan is blessed to be half Gringo and half Mexican. He was born in Mexico with his mother being Mexican and his Father an American citizen. As I have already stated, Alan sings and speaks fluently in English and Spanish, which gives him the perfect opportunity to bring his songs to audience in countries around the world.

skateboardWheeler3Outside of his musical interests  Alan especially enjoys skateboarding – his hero being Tony Hawk, Alan owns several boards with his favorite being from Alien Workshop.

He and his sister Chris are into Anime  participating in the comics and anime conventions in Monterrey several times per year.  Alan also shows an interest in acting on stage and recently performed as Frederich in the presentation of “La Novicia Rebelde” (The sound of music), put on by the Tech of Monterrey which is the top business school in Latin America.

Alan enjoys youth adventure movies such as The Harry Potter series, Star Wars, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

His favorite music group is the Beatles,with his favorite soloist being Paul McCartney.  In addition, Alan enjoys a wide variety of current young singers.
He lists orange as his favorite color, Japanese  as his favorite food, and like most teens especially enjoys video games.

Alan is also an excellent student and does very well in most every subject.  He is very active and proclaimed gym class to be the most enjoyable time of his school day!

alan wheeler video


To learn more about Alan Wheeler you can visit his Websites and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube site where you can keep up on all his latest musical adventures.

Alan Wheeler CoverDON’T FORGET TO PURCHASE HIS NEW CD. Click it now to purchase it on I-Tunes or use the link above for

  • Sleeping With the Lights On
  • Prestame Atencion
  • Solo Amigos
  • Regresa
  • Viernes
  • I for You
  • Esdrujulo Amor
  • Primer Amor
  • No Lo Queriamos Creer
  • 100 Gaviotas

Be sure you bookmark the Young Artist Page where you will be able to find all of Alan’s future CD’s.  Also be sure to tell all your friends how to find these links to purchase their copy.

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Congratulations Alan on your great success and on your new fantastic CD!

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