Thilo Berndt Germany’s Twelve Year Old Teenage Rockstar!

Thilo Berndt
Thilo Berndt

Thilo Berndt first came to my attention about a month ago when I noticed a post featuring this young German born talented treble singing a song called “Abgeblitzt”. The vocal quality that this young man demonstrated immediately compelled me to search him out to find out more about him. After contacting his Mom, via his YouTube site, she graciously shared with me much of what I am now privileged to share with you.

Thilo Berndt, who just turned 12 this past October, is the second born to his parents, having an older sister, Rosa, who he also enjoys singing and performing with. Although his father is a physician and his Mother a midwife, music has and continues to be a very important part of their lives, often singing and playing guitar in their leisure time.

With all this musical background encompassing Thilo; it is not hard to understand where his natural talent originated, and why he has become such a joy, not only to his immediate family but to all his fans that are fast growing into the thousands.

thilopointThilo’s first performance came at just 4 years old, when he was asked to sing a Christmas song in their local church assembly. It was at this young age that his career as a singer/performer actually began and quickly developed into a passion.

After this experience he started to sing in the children’s choir and two years later, after starting school, his family discovered the Gospel Project Ruhr ( The Gospel Project Ruhr is a professional company offering opportunities for young singers to perform and receive stage experience.

It was in one of their events that Thilo sang his first solo in front of an audience of over a 1,000 people.  His Mom exclaimed;

“I was sitting in the audience with my heart beating so fast and loud that I thought everybody around me could hear it”.

Thilo quickly found out that he did not experience stage fright and especially enjoyed performing on stage. He then began singing lessons every two weeks, practicing continually with his sister Rosa, and continues to do so today. In fact, it was with his sister that Thilo discovered that harmony came quite naturally for him. Both Thilo and his Sister love to sing duets together.

When Thilo was 8 years old he was awarded the opportunity to play a small part as “Tassilo”, in Disney’s Musical “Beauty and the Beast”, in a Stage production at the Oberhausens Metronom Theatre.

Following this experience, he started to take classical ballet lessons preparing to perhaps become a musical actor. It was also right around this time that Thilo began playing the guitar.


In 2008 Thilo applied for the Kiddy Contest, and made it all the way to the finals winning second place with “Abgeblitzt”.

The original video had about 650,000 views on YouTube, before Sony-music blocked it in Germany. For those who may not be able to see this video in Germany please use this link:

After the Kiddy Contest Thilo was enrolled in piano lessons.


In 2009 he won the Internet Casting of “Teenage Rockstars” and participated in the first Teenage Rockstarcamp in Austria (Wolfgangsee) in the summer of 2009.

Then in November of the same year Thilo made it into the finals of the Europopcontest in Berlin together with his sister singing a duet. Thilo’s sister Rosa is also exceptionally talented which you can hear in this video!


This past summer, Thilo was again one of the camp finalists of Teenage Rockstar Summer camp and joined the Camp in Rügen. Together with his Band Blindflug they won the Camp and released the German version of camp rock2 song:

View their video here!

Note! For those of you in Germany you may have to use this link !

Thilo HeadphonesAside from Thilo’s musical career he also enjoys acting.  In 2008 he played the lead role of a boy who was a loner because he stuttered, in a student’s project short film, called “Bienenstich ist aus”. One of Germany’s major agencies for child and youth actors saw the short film and invited Thilo for a casting. In the meantime he was doing two more projects for German TV (SAT1 and ARD) The films are not yet released but will be in February and September of next year.

Here is Thilo’s new solo single called

“Ein perfekter Augenblick Ma” ..which can also be heard on The Radio!


To close this article today Thilo would like to give you a head start to get into the Holiday Mood!  Here is Blindflug’s new “Christmas Song”that is playing in Germany as the theme for a charity called Kinder helfen Kindern which can be found on

To learn more about Thilo Berndt you can visit the following sites:

There is not enough room in this article to express how impressed I am with Thilo. His ability to please a crowd, sing, dance, entertain on stage and in video is simply outstanding.  You can be sure that you will be reading many more articles about this young man right here at Rivenmaster’s Place.

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  1. Thanks for your comment!  There is no doubt that Thilo has the goods! I have heard from him a number of times this year and he has lot’s of things going on but nothing I can report at this time.  I stay in touch with him and you can be assured as soon as he has something I can share you will read about it here!

    Thilo has an amazing personality along with his wonderful singing voice.  He is a real charmer and talented performer to boot!

    Keep your eyes on Thilo we are only seeing the beginning of this boys musical career!

  2. It is clear that Thilo has a great future in the world of music. Brimming with potential.

  3. Once again I am seeing the need of sites such as as the world is full of talents – yet due to the language barrier or the local nature of the country specific TV contend one can always be surprised by the discovery of yet another performer. I saw Thilo for a very first time on YouTube – he was covering Christina Aguilera`s ” Hurt ” – and he made quite an impression on me. Yet not knowing German I did not know much about him, trough later on I stumbled on his official web site. Additionally Germany and the media in there once again make an impression to me as one of the countries that is paying a lot of attention to the young talents by hosting a variety of contest and competitions.

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