Jordan Jansen “Simply Sensational”!

Jordan Jansen

Simply Sensational is all that comes to mind with you speak of this young man.  He’s been rightfully named the Boy Wonder from Down Under!  Jordan never ceases to amaze me.

Whether it’s the changes of his background page on You Tube, his more than fantastic music videos, his personable blogs, his ability to stay so kind and thoughtful to all of his fans and promoters, his new found talents of playing other instruments, or just the fact that his voice stays so pure and enjoyable.  Whatever the reason you choose, Jordan Jansen is a sure fire winner!

Jordan is breaking all barriers at SoundCheck by staying well in the lead due to his overwhelming following of voting fans.  ” Thanks Fans” !  My recent voting visit showed him nearly 1,000 votes ahead of his closest competitor in Round 16 of the Contest.  This contest will end Feb 1st so it’s not far from conclusion.  However don’t stop voting because the month of January will be the most difficult when the judges bring back some very heavy competitors for the Final round of the competition.
He also has soared to 9th Place in another WonderWorld TV contest which I’m sure he will capture before you know it!  So get out and vote because this is one young man who not only deserves your vote but has earned it.
Jordan you keep inspiring everyone with your motivation and drive.  If it’s not too much trouble could you please bottle some of that energy and send it over the ocean to me?  This is one old blogger that gets winded just trying to keep typing as fast as you are climbing the ladder to success.  You are a bright and shining example of what can be done if you passionately go after your dreams.
Jordan, you are exactly what this blog titles says today,

Simply Sensational!

Sam Verlinden, “New Zealands Shining New Star” turns 12 October 1st 2009

Sam Verlinden in doorway
This month’s featured performer is more than the average 12 year old.  He’s been described as “Rising Star,  Singing Sensation & Born to perform” by the  East & Bays Courier.  Channel 3 News New Zealand proclaimed him as,” You Tube Sensation with the best hair”.
Sam Verlinden, who turns 12 today, is New Zealand’s most talked about rising young performer.  Sam who has been singing nearly before he walked, has astounded everyone he comes in contact with.  As early as 4 years old, Sam caught the eye of the local media.  When doing a spot on a pre-school , Sam was invited to sing and wound up consuming over half the show time.
Sam is far from one dimensional, as his talents excel far beyond singing.  After Sam’s family moved to Auckland in 2005, Sam joined a local Children Theater Group.  Sam appeared as one of the lost boys in Peter Pan for his first production and has been doing two shows a year ever since.  This year he has been awarded the leading roll as 10 year old Tommy in” Tommy the Musical” which opens today and runs though the 7th.  Later in November he will be starring in “Oliver the Musical“.
Sam with MedalsSam has entered and won countless singing contest with his greatest achievement being this past year when he represented New Zealand at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood. Sam brought home 6 Gold and 3 Silver medals along with the prestigious “Industry Award” and 5 plaques for “OVERALL JUNIOR CHAMPION OF THE WORLD“.
I asked Sam what some of his favorite things to do are outside of singing and musical drama.  He listed a number of things that most preteens enjoy. “PlayStation, Computer, Wikipedia, Listening to Music, and of course You-Tube“.  He enjoys most sports on TV aside from cricket and golf and like every healthy 12 year old boy loves to eat!  His favorite foods are Steak, Taro, Island food, Meat, & Fruit specifically Mango.  Not surprising, his favorite school listings include, School Rugby, Touch Rugby, and School Band. He did mention that he does not care much for Mathematics. Sam likes most animals and has two pet Burmese cats, Coco and Cola.  He enjoys the movies and declared his last watched film was “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Sam’s love for music is only matched by his passion for Rugby.  Sam is quoted as being a walking encyclopedia for the ALL BLACKS RUGBY TEAM and his goal to sing the New Zealand National Anthem for one of their games,was given a boost when a local television station asked Sam to sing for them.

All right all ready All Blacks!  What does a guy have to do stand on his head and spit rugby balls?

Because of Sam’s love for both singing and rugby he has listed his life’s ambition to be“A Singing All Black”.

You could say that Sam is an old soul in young body, in as much as he appeals to not just the younger crowd but the older generation as well. Sam’s musical style is a mixture of R&B/Pop & Soul with his greatest musical influences being Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and The Beatles. Sam told Channel 3 News that his favorite song track was “Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.”

Most of the songs that Sam chooses to sing demonstrate  his wide range and strong vocal control. Sam shows his most profound singing ability while sitting at home in front of his web cam.  Without the aid of a lot of sound equipment, he artfully masters his voice to sing softly yet hold his notes with rich, pure clarity. He does all this just to bless his You-Tube fans which are now literally in the thousands, and this blogger is proud to say, “I am one” .

Sam Verlinden’s Official Web Site
Sam on You Tube
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