Dalton Cyr To Record With Legendary Producer Paul Fox in L.A.

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“Dalton is no flash in the pan but something to watch carefully!”                                                                                                                          Producer Paul Fox

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One of the hottest upcoming teen singing stars on the scene, award winning singer/songwriter/ musician Dalton Cyr is headed for big things.

It’s only been seven months since Dalton released his debut 11-song LP album, “I’ll Be There”, but the 12 year old recording artist announced he’s already heading back into the recording studio.

Catching the attention of Paul Fox, who’s recognized as one of the most successful and creative producers in the music industry, Dalton will fly to L.A. and spend two weeks working with Paul Fox and recording new music this April.

Paul Fox has a vast number of production credits including REM, 10,000 Maniacs, Rod Stewart, Ziggy Marley, Phish, The Wallflowers, XTC, and many more.  Known for searching for the “next big thing”, Fox was introduced to Cyr through one of Cyr’s managers, Beth Broday, one of the original MTV producers, in November 2012. 

Dalton’s mom, Cindy Cyr, says,

“One of Dalton’s managers met Paul when he was on a speaking panel in Studio City, California.”

Dalton’s manager told Paul she had this 12 year old singer who was an incredible songwriter and a ‘real artist’ and asked if he’d take a look. The next thing we knew, Dalton was asked to record some ‘raw’ videos to send to Paul.”

Cindy says that Beth Broday then met with Fox where he told her he was very interested in working with Dalton and wanted to record some new songs.  

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