Connie Talbot Sailing to Success!

Connie Talbot

In 2007, an aspiring young singer stepped onto the stage of England’s enormously popular TV program “Britain’s Got Talent, flashed an adorable gap-toothed smile and instantly won the heart of the notoriously difficult to please Simon Cowell – yes, that Simon Cowell – as well as the British viewing public . In just a couple of minutes, a true star had been born. What made this feat all the more remarkable was the fact that Connie Talbot was just six years old.

Connie Talbot Performs

Connie was born November 20th, 2000. She currently attends private  school in her hometown near Birmingham, England. Connie lives with her mother Sharon, her father Gavin, and her older siblings, brother Josh and sister Mollie.

Connie began to sing “as soon as she could talk” and she spent many hours with her grandmother Violet (who was very ill at the time) watching the film The Wizard Of OZ repeatedly and singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow together. Violet was the first person to recognize Connie as a talented singer, yet sadly she died before Connie became well known internationally. Connie sang Amazing Grace at her grandmother’s funeral.

Since then, Connie has become an international phenomenon, with appearances all around the globe. She has accumulated millions upon millions of YouTube views and has garnered glowing media attention. The Guinness Book of World Records certified Connie with two accolades… youngest artist in the UK ever to reach the charts and the youngest ever to receive a gold record.

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Introducing Alex B Philadelphia’s Pride

Alex B

Alex is a 12 year old singer/performer from the Philadelphia area.  He puts his heart and soul into performing.  The bigger the crowd the better the performance; Alex loves to be in the spot light.

Born the youngest of four children, Alex wasted no time becoming the character within the household.  With a unique sense of humor and endless amounts of energy, he has always made the people around him smile and laugh.

After contacting Alex’s parents I asked if Alex would be willing to do a little self introduction for this article.  I’m delighted that he sent the following exclusive video for his fans and the readers of this site. For those of you who have not yet met Alex B, I’m now proud to introduce you to him through this video.

Alex B IntroWatch Alex B in this exclusive video

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