Introducing Alex B Philadelphia’s Pride

Alex B

Alex is a 12 year old singer/performer from the Philadelphia area.  He puts his heart and soul into performing.  The bigger the crowd the better the performance; Alex loves to be in the spot light.

Born the youngest of four children, Alex wasted no time becoming the character within the household.  With a unique sense of humor and endless amounts of energy, he has always made the people around him smile and laugh.

After contacting Alex’s parents I asked if Alex would be willing to do a little self introduction for this article.  I’m delighted that he sent the following exclusive video for his fans and the readers of this site. For those of you who have not yet met Alex B, I’m now proud to introduce you to him through this video.

Alex B IntroWatch Alex B in this exclusive video

Alex B Due to his high-energy personality, Alex was involved in a lot of activities growing up.  He played baseball, soccer, roller hockey and liked to wrestle.  He began singing lessons at four and later guitar lessons at ten.  Alex has also been involved in a few theatre productions.  After several years of musical training, Alex teamed up with his older brother, Rick, to put together a band.  The result was Lil Rock, which was born in early 2008.  Alex was lead vocals, Rick on guitar, and two other boys playing drums and bass.  With lots of hard work and practice, Lil Rock became a very good Classic Rock cover band.  As the band began to play out, Alex’s vocals soared.  His performances stunned and amazed the audiences.  It became apparent that he had something extra to offer the world.

In the summer of 2011, with the help of some local songwriters, Alex began recording original pop music.  Meetings in New York with BMI, Creative Artists Agency, and Hollywood Records began to help lay out a path for him to follow.  To date Alex has 11 original songs, three of which have music videos to go along with them.

Alex B

Recently Alex has released a new single, “In My Head”, which is being used to increase the awareness of a collaborative he’s working on. The collaboration includes 11 other talented young artists as Honorary Cast members in the new Children’s Edutainment brand, Safety BratZ Live!- Ambassadors for Childhood safety Worldwide.

Safety BratzListen to Teaser of Alex’s original single “In My Head”

 Alex still enjoys performing with Lil Rock and continues to work on his solo Pop adventure as Alex B.  He will be actively working with Safety Bratz and he hopes to make more music videos.

Alex just released a new music video for his hit single “Will You Be My Girl” last July and has already received nearly 2,000 views.

willyoubemygirlalexb Will You Be My Girl Alex B Original

It is without question that Alex B is well on his way to stardom. His extremely animated personality makes him a sure candidate for not just a great young recording artist but an actor for television or in full length feature films.

This is one young artist that you will want to keep your eyes on in the future. You can be sure that this site will be following his musical career.

To learn more about Alex visit:

On his Domain site you have access to all his original songs as well as Facebook and YouTube.  Please subscribe to all of Alex’s sites and follow him on Twitter!

Keep up the great work Alex!


 Article edited by: Penuel Santiago for
Penuel Santiago is a practicing videographer, photographer, graphic designer, audio technician. Penuel is currently and actively engaged in his brother’s musical career doing all of his photography, creating music videos, studio recordings, and graphic art.