Christopher McGinnis Commemorates 9/11 with his original song!

Christopher McGinnis
Christopher McGinnis

Last February I introduced to this site, a young musical prodigy named Christopher McGinnis. Christopher has been making his mark not only as a outstanding pianist, organist, performer and actor, but as an entertainer and song writer who has written three original Pop tunes, “Dreams Are Made Of”, Time Waits For No One”, and “The War Song an American Hero” which are all available for purchase on I-Tunes and Amazon.

Christopher has been very busy since that first article was published, performing all around the New York area. Christopher, who turns fourteen on the 15th of this month, has already accomplished what many professional musicians who have been in the business for years have not, by  performing Three Times at Madison Square Garden.

While a smaller version of this article appeared in the side bar of this blog previously for a short time, I felt it necessary to give Christopher the recognition he deserved by publishing the extended version here today.

With this Sunday being the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 in the United States. I felt that Chris’s song entitled “The War Song an American Hero” was exactly what was needed to commemorate this day.

Recently Christopher performed his original song “THE WAR SONG AN AMERICAN HERO” at the WWII Veterans Concert 2011.

Chris McGinnis Performs
Watch Christopher Perform In This Video

Chris sang and performed his song for some of the US Military’s top brass during this event!

No only does his song fit this weeks memorial theme but it honors every fallen solder who has ever fought for his country.

Thanks you Christopher for this song and for your dedication and desire to share your gift with all of us today!



The town burned down one terrible night.
I grabbed the gun and decided to fight.
I ran down to main, to maple and fourth.
Jimmy and the guys were holding down the fort. Continue reading “Christopher McGinnis Commemorates 9/11 with his original song!”