JOHN-ROBERT – Virginian Vocalist Extraordinaire

John-Robert Lee Rimel

John Robert WallTwelve year old John-Robert Lee Rimel is a rising singer/performer from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He currently attends Middle School and is in the 7th Grade. John-Robert sings in the school chorus where he was selected for the All District Middle School Choir and was also selected through a rigorous audition process for the All State Virginia Middle School Honor Choir. He has the distinguished honor of being the only boy selected in Shenandoah County. John is the oldest of 4 children, so his siblings are always looking up to him.

His Father shared with me that John-Robert showed musical talent at a very young age. Their first memory of his ability came during a visit from his Aunt who played guitar, when she noticed that John-Robert was humming along in perfect pitch. “We didn’t think much of it at the time”; his father said. “He was just 5 years old”.

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Christmas at Rivenmaster’s Place!

christmas kids.

At this time last Christmas only a handful of young people had been featured on this site. However, due to our many subscribers, avid readers, faithful supporters and of course all the wonderful parents of the young artists, this site now boasts a great deal more talented young men and sibling groups and enjoys thousands of readers every month.

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