Rivenmaster Meets Allan Clelland Goddard and Connor Blackley in Florida

Over the last two weeks I did some amazing traveling from Michigan all the way down to Houston, Texas where I met two young bass players Tommy Freeman and Michael Thompson. (See Recent Article)

We left Texas and traveled the Gulf States of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, stopping along the way to enjoy some sites.

Palm Trees In Baton Rouge
Palm Trees In Baton Rouge

We enjoyed a short visit to Baton Rouge touring a River Boat and then again in Orange Beach, Alabama visiting a friend. We were taken back by the beautiful area with a white sandy beach that lined the shoreline for miles.  I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful white sand! While it was very warm and humid, it was well worth the stop to enjoy this area of the country!

Leaving Alabama I was soon sitting at the tip of Florida, trying to decide which way to go. Having several young artists who are regularly featured on my site residing in Florida, I quickly decided to go further south taking an 11 hour trip down to the Jacksonville and Orlando Area.

While I wish I would have had more time, and been able to see everyone I know in Florida, I was happy to be able to visit with two very talented young men and their families. Allan Clelland-Goddard, and Connor Timothy Blackley.

Rivmaster-Allan Clelland-Goddard
Rivmaster-Allan Clelland-Goddard

My first visit was to the home of Allan Clelland-Goddard where we were treated to a wonderful visit to their home and a backyard BBQ.  Not only was their home beautiful but the hospitality shown to me was incredible and will never be forgotten.

Visiting with Allan was especially enjoyable as we were able to sit down together in his living room and do an exclusive interview with him which we are happy to now share with all of you.

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Happy New Year “2011″

3D Man celebrates 2011As 2010 comes to a close we can only look back and think of the many wonderful articles that we have been privileged to share this past year.  Rivenmaster’s Place is still in its infancy, having only come into existence a mere 15 months ago.  However, unlike a natural birth we are extremely grateful for the rapid growth and development this site has enjoyed this past year!  We went from crawling to all out running serving a few hundred monthly readers to over four thousand.  While we are never satisfied and always looking for more subscribers we want to thank each and every one of you who have made this site the outstanding success it has become.

Rivenmaster place can proudly say that it is now visited by some very well known producers, movie directors, and other prominent people in the recording industry.  We are proud to say that through the course of this year our articles have sparked interest in some of the young talent that has been featured here and for that we are truly excited and thankful! Continue reading “Happy New Year “2011″”