konnichiha Jordan Jansen Fans!

Jordan on Beach

What can I say?

I’m not normally a verry boastful person but I have to say that I was correct in my predections yesterday!
It hasn’t been real easy, but the days end should prove to make Jordan and all of his supporters extremely happy!
At Soundcheck our young Super Star started out with a very marginal lead and then relenquished it for a short time.
After checking just a few moments ago, Jordan was holding on to First Place by just less than 100 votes.  However, in the other contest at WonderWorld TV, Jordan has easily breezed his way to a sizable First Place lead of over 10,000 thats right, TEN THOUSAND VOTES!
As I was searching for Jordan today I found another wonderful place for everyone to visit.
In fact, this blog is tied to it so you don’t have to miss a beat should you leave here and visit the site.  I’m talking about REVERBNATION.COM.

You can also use the newly installed Talented Kids Depot player on this site and listen to many upcoming young talents. You will find the player on the right hand side about 3/4 the way down.  Jordan curently has two songs entered there.

That’s it for today, but this is going to continue to be a fight to the end . Jordan needs to keep up this present momentum in order to substantiate a sizeable lead.

Thanks to all our new friends from Japan who are now in Jordan’s court, to all of you who so faithfully follow this blog and the wonderful children who fill these pages!

I’m closing today with an original song by Jordan written for him Mum on Mothers Day!