The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review

The Odd Life Of Timothy GreenWith less than two weeks away from Christmas 2012 I thought I would suggest a sure fire gift that will go on giving long after the Holiday lights have faded.  It is also appropriate for all ages and will equally appeal to all genders.  While I first thought Disney’s “Odd Life of Timothy Green” would be too silly or unbelievable to be enjoyed by adults, I was instead pleasantly surprised by the overall artistry of the entire production.  From casting to cinematography, from direction to special effects, this 2012 summer sizzler truly was both enchanting and remarkably done.   The actors, especially young CJ Adams who played “Timothy” so convincingly portrayed their roles that they made the unbelievable believable.

The premise of the film as portrayed in the trailer, led us to believe that this would just be another film by Disney where the parents are stupid, the kids are smart, and the acting would be less than convincing.  Instead, director Peter Hedges artfully guides his actors to show so much emotion and meaningful dialog that you are immediately drawn into the story.

Timothy Green Trailer1

 The story begins as a young couple is informed by their family physician that they cannot conceive children.  Later, while sitting down together at home, they attempt to console each other by writing down all the attributes they imagined their child would have had.

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