Reed Deming Masterful Music Machine

Reed Deming Closeup

I was first introduced to Reed Deming by a very faithful subscriber to this site.  Anthony wrote me with much enthusiasm exclaiming how I really needed to check out Reed Deming’s YouTube Site. I take every recommendation very seriously when I receive one, and this has once again proven to be a good policy.  What I found was no ordinary twelve year old boy covering a Bruno Mars song while accompanying himself acoustically on his guitar.  It took me only moments to formulate a letter to his parents inviting him to appear on this site!

Reed Video 1

It could be said that Reed Deming has music in his DNA.  He is a true musician and loves performing, songwriting, playing guitar and saxophone and even more cerebral pursuits like music theory.  He has a passion and drive that are uncommon for his age.  In addition, he has a unique gift – perfect pitch.  Even his vocal coach who has worked with many famous pop and rock artists was stunned when she discovered that Reed could hit any note she named.   Reed would sing the note requested and she would play the note on the piano to confirm 100% accuracy every time!  This was so amazing, that a pilot for a reality TV show about pop stars shot a segment with Linda trying to outwit Reed with this game.  She couldn’t stump him.

His Mother shared one of her favorite stories about Reed:

“Reed was introduced to Josh Groban’s music by a family friend when he was about 5.  He loved his voice and the intense complexity of his music.  He also loved Frank Sinatra (I have no idea how he found his music).  Both were pretty surprising choices for a little boy.  One day I asked him which artist he like best and after considering the question seriously for a few seconds replied that he preferred Josh Groban.  When I asked him why, he said “Because Frank Sinatra’s voice is flat.”  He was 6!”

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