Shane Foxx Talented Independent French Musician

Shane Foxx
Shane Foxx

Some time ago I came across a young man from France that captured my attention. I remember that it wasn’t his music that first captured my attention but rather the fact that I was witnessing a young man who was marching to the beat of his own drum. As I got to know him better I found out that he was not looking for immediate fame or to be discovered by a record producer. Instead, he was just enjoying his ability to express himself through his own musical style and producing his own CD as an independent artist.  You can find an article that he wrote and was published to The entitled “How I Made My Self-Produced EP”. Because most of the featured articles I have published here are for the purpose of helping a youngster find his way to a record label, I thought it might be refreshing to have one that is here solely for the purpose of introducing a young talent who desires to make it on his own.  While this is not always the easiest way of being discovered I have to say that I greatly admire his tenacity, dedication and passion for his musical talent. holly-border-hShane Foxx was born and raised in the French Riviera by his Spanish father and French mother.  Through his early youth, Shane often preferred being alone and frequently lived a solitary life not interacting much with his peers. At the same time, Shane seemed to enjoy the company of older friends and adults, because he could hold better conversations with them than with youngsters his own age. He confessed that many times he became lonesome, lost in his dreams and thoughts, and lacked attention to his studies in school, finding them boring.  Continue reading “Shane Foxx Talented Independent French Musician”

“AjSil” You-Tubes Musical Thrill


Every now and then I am directed to a new site by one of my friends.  This time it was my YouTube friend Ken who introduced me to Eleven year old Anthony Javier Silva or better known by his stage name Ajsil.

From the very first note of this boy’s music video he captured 100% of my attention! Most young artists his age sing covers of other artist’s songs and while this holds true for Ajsil, his originality coupled with some amazing video creativity, truly make him unique and extraordinary.  This boy is not just a good little eleven year old singer, but he is already a true artist showing his own style and musical ability.

“Ajsil has a natural musical talent”

His Dad explains;

“Aj became involved in music from a very early age working next to me in my home recording studio, shadowing and assisting me in my music productions and recordingajsil1 sessions.  Being around music so early in life has helped him tremendously in developing an incredible musical ear.  He is able to naturally harmonize vocals on cue on any song as well as develop his own musical ideas and melodies.  He is extremely fast and accurate when recording vocals, doubling voices and harmonizing since he has been doing that throughout his young life. A few months ago I asked him if he wanted to tryout for a singer/actor/model audition in Orlando Florida and he answered yes.  He sang the National Anthem and received a standing ovation.  It was then that he realized his full potential for singing and asked me to help him with his music career.  I always knew my son had great talent and eventually would realize it himself and want it to go professional, but I didn’t want to force it upon him, the decision had to be his own”.

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