Joshua Flores Eleven Year old Wonder!

Joshua Flores

I‘ve had my musical eye on Joshua Flores for some time now but recently spent an hour or so on Joshua’s YouTube Site. I was simply taken back with his beautiful treble voice and extremely diversified singing styles.  He easily mastered everything, Gospel, Country, Pop and even Mariachi which he sang for the first time in Spanish for his Great Grandmothers 100th birthday.  I then trained my eyes on his exceptional talent  for playing the guitar and piano.  I thought to myself, is there anything that this youngster can’t do?  I immediately contacted his dad Nick, who shared the following with me and I wanted to share this with you just as I received it from him.

“Joshua was born on September 13, which is my birthday, too.  He started singing at two years old.  I was in the middle of recording a CD and I had written a song called, “Piece of My Heart”.  I had written it for Joshua and would sing it to him a lot. Then he started to sing it too.  So, when I was recording it, I also recorded a version of Joshua singing the song with me.  He was about 2 ½ years old and he could already sing on pitch and memorize words.  I knew then that he was going to be a singer.”

Joshua’ dad told me; from that time until he was eight years old he would sing around the house and for friends and family.  Joshua’s earliest musical influences were N’Sync and Michael Jackson.  Then as he grew older he started enjoying Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake, followed by Jonas Brothers, Jessie McCartney and some of Justin Bieber’s music.  While some kids try to do covers on Justin Bieber’s songs they often can’t pull it off!  But I actually like this remix better than the original.  Move over JB you have serious competition waiting in the wings!
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