Jordan Jansen Masters James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain”

Jordan by Lake
When your Hot your Hot!! In fact this boy is on Fire! Jordan never ceases to amaze me with his ability to master just about any genre or song style! This song just posted not more than 3 hours ago, by the time I picked up on it, is another prime example of this outstanding young performers ability to excel above our every expectation.

“That’s right Jordan, we now are spoiled with expectations of nothing but the best from you”.

Jordan continues to be no match for his current competitors at SoundCheck as he continues to hold a strong lead with his current song entry “I’m Yours” at First Place Bronze and  7,419 votes.
Don’t stop voting for this wonderful young performer everyday as he really appreciates what you the fans do for him!

Jordan has some exciting things planned in the near future that he will be announcing before too long so stay tuned here and to his website to find out more about these upcoming events.

Until then, “Jordan I see Fire but no Rain in your near future I only see sunshine and you can guarantee that you will see all of us again tuning in to your next fantastic You-Tube video”!

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