Sam Verlinden & Jordan Jansen featured in new YT Video!


Today’s quick post is in support of the Haiti Relief Mission that is ongoing in many different ways throughout the world! You-Tube collaborator’s have made two videos to help keep the message in front of us and remind us of the pain and need of so many people who suffered and are still suffering due to the devastation of that one major catastrophe.

Today’s video includes our very own Jordan Jansen and Sam Verlinden among many other You-Tubers who do an excellent job keeping this message alive!
Enjoy it here and pass it along to others reminding them of this very special need!

Congratulations on a great job Jordan and Sam! We are proud of the both of you for your efforts in this venture and the outstanding job you did performing in this wonderful video!

Let’s all dig a little deeper and pitch in!  God Bless every rescuer and individual who are on hand in that country lending theirs to those who are hurting and in need!  Thanks also to the editor of this YT video for your efforts in this second great work of art!